Sunday, May 04, 2008

Substantial Wires Club

I am proud to announce that I have been accepted as a member of the Substantial Wires Club started by founding member Jackson from the UK. To be a member of this coveted club, you have to be over 26.5lbs. I am 32lbs and 19" tall at the shoulder. I do not believe I am overweight, I am just, well, substantial! I am proud to be a big guy, and have a heart to equal my stature!

Good news to report. My itchies have vanished! POOF! One day I was red, hot to the touch, and itching like crazy, and the next day, one shot of cortisone later, I am cured. Please God we hope it lasts as cortisone is not very good for me! I am so much happier you wouldn't believe. The weather is warm again after a few cooler days - and our street is littered with pink blossoms all over the pavement and street - it is messier than snow, but thankfully it isn't slippery. Can you see the pink carpet in the photo at right? It looks really pretty at a distance, but up close it is kind of smelly and the petals get into everything - car, house and oh yeah, paws!

The best thing about spring is the arrival of Mr. Softie The Ice Cream Man. Everytime I hear the musical van, I rush to the door and start to bark to alert dad to his arrival. Dad loves ice-cream almost as much as I do! If he is putering in his basement, he can't hear Mr Softie, so I go crazy to tell him to hurry up, grab his $1.25 and get the hell outside to buy an ice cream. Then from the moment Dad steps in the door holding his cone, I pester him until I get some. Dad, unlike Mom, is not a sucker for my cute behaviour, he ignores me and always leaves me the very last bite of his cone. I tell you, waiting for him to eat the whole thing is pure torture!! Below you can see me pestering Dad in stages - first I sit next to him and tap him with my paw. Then I jump up behind him and breathe in his ear, and finally I jump in front of him and bounce up and down until I get my way!!

A reminder that Tuesday is the final hearing in the Laporte case - let's hope the judge has done all his work and will deliver justice for the wirey survivors of Blainville House of Horrors. Another report will be in from Bingo as soon as the verdict is watch this space...