Thursday, February 09, 2006

Swimming in Winter?

Boy, I got lucky tonite. No, not with a bitch, not that lucky. Mom and Dad came home from work at the same time for a change so they BOTH took me for a long walk. I love it when they both take me, double the fun! We only saw one dog, but her owner picked her up quicker than you could say "woof" - I swear you'd think I was some scary looking dinosaur or something. The owner explained to my folks that their dog had been attacked recently and was a scaredly cat and prone to be agressive. Whatever.

So it's gone really cold again here in Philly, and guess what the weather man is saying - Big Snowstorm possible this weekend! Woohoo! Mom is pretty upset, cos she's been working her little butt off at work organizing her organization's biggest fundraising event of the year - and her luck - it's this Sunday. They are counting on many volunteers to come to 7 different locations...and if there is bad weather, well, they're pretty screwed! In my humble opinion she's screwed anyway - working ALL day Sunday! That sucks anyway you look at it. Mom will deny it of course...all this banter about it being for a great cause yada yada yada. Whatever.

I'm very confused. Today my mate Doodles (left) sent me these pictures of him SWIMMING with Jasper and Harley! Doodles lives in Sussex in England! Last time I looked at the atlas, Sussex was in the same hemisphere as us - so how come Doodles is swimming and we're skating on ice? I don't get it! And in England of all places - I must be misinformed - I thought England was always cold, rainy and dreary! Doodles, I need an explanation please! I have a feeling my pal Luci wants to know too - her pool is covered over for the winter (not that it stops her from trying to swim!) And hey bud, what is that contraption you're in? a floating device? Looks like swimming angel wings.

I had a tearful note from Miss Amelia today to tell me that her Mom Alexandra (the very same girl who we saw perched atop the Church bulletin board cheering the SeaHawks on) is not well. She has been at the vets since yesterday. If I can ask everyone who is reading this now, to please close your eyes after you read my blog and say a little prayer for her, I know it would go along way! Thank you.

I just spied a pencil in my reach, I must go now and grab it before Mom confiscates it. Ah, another wooden object to chew....heh heh.