Monday, August 28, 2006

Blissful Days

What a fun day I had today! This morning when Dad and I were returning from our walk, we ran into Gracie and Kila and their tired Mom Diane. I didn't feel like going home to be alone all day, so Diane said I could come and play! I was so happy I did a jig. I love Gracie and I love Gracie's house. I try get in there whenever I can! So we played and wrestled and napped a bit and Diane only dragged me home at lunchtime.

When Mom came home today I could tell she'd been shopping at the supermarket. I could tell the bags she was carrying were full of snacks for me! Mom sure does love me. Five minutes after Dad helped unload the car, chicken thighs and beef marrow bones were boiling on the stove, and I just knew it was all for ME!! And I was right! I had yummy chicken for dinner (though mixed with canned carrots that I didn't love) followed by a marrow bone. YUMMY!!

After dinner we hung out with Gracie and Kila again, AND with Elvis, Gia, Sophie and their humans on Gracie's front porch. It's always a fun time. Gracie and I wrestled and then Sophie's Dad Vince brought us all chewies!

Why can't every day be like this one? Ahhh!