Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Brief Friendship

So last night, I heard loud chirping in the middle of the night. I started growling and running downstairs to demand to go out and check out what the racket was all about. Mom and Dad weren't very happy as they were trying to sleep - it was about 3 a.m.

Dad finally let me out thinking I needed to pee - humans are funny, I don't always want to go outside just to pee or poop!
Anyway, there in my very own backyard was a little baby bird! It was it's momma who was making all the noise. I rushed out to look closer. It sure was a sweet birdie. It didn't cross my mind to attack it or harm it, I just enjoyed sitting and looking at the little creature.

Dad got weary after a while and tried to grab my collar and haul me in. But the momma bird went nuts and tried to peck him!! Then Mom came outside in a very bad mood - she likes her sleep - told Dad he was being silly, charged outside, grabbed my collar and shlepped me inside! The momma bird didn't try to peck her!! She must have been afraid of Mom.

So that was my brief friendship with a baby birdie. Mom and Dad were verklempt that I didn't try to harm it as they would have expected. The next day the baby was still there but on the gate, but a few hours later, it disappeared. I sure hope Blanche the cat next door (belonging to my nemesis Rex) didn't eat it for lunch!


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Grandma's Arriving Today

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't written, but it's hardly my fault. The computer/wedding room is totally off limits now - especially cos mom has all the Out of Town welcome bags (which are full of tasty Philly treats) in the room. I guess I won't be writing again until next week when the wedding is finally over! Yay!

So I don't know where I"ll be today a week, but I do know I won't be at the wedding. Mom says dogs aren't allowed at the Country Club - what discrimination! That's how things started in Nazi Germany - No Jews Allowed. Well, I do protest! I was meant to be going to Doggy Day Care for 3 nights but now Dad is not so sure he wants me to go there. Gracie's Mom Dianne offered to take me, and I'd love to stay with them...Mom and Dad are not sure they are comfy imposing though. Urgh.

Well the big news is that Rex the neighbor has turned nasty! He notified the authorities because I was barking a bit during the day! I mean give me a break, can't a dog bark during daylight hours!? So Mom and Dad got a very cordial letter in the mail asking them to be considerate etc. There was a phone number to call with questions and you can be sure that Mom will call after Memorial Day to find out exactly what is in the bounds of nuisance, and when can a dog bark and not bark?

Boy, last evening, Mom and Dad took me on a long walk to the Art Museum where there is a big fountain. I was scared to jump in cos I didn't know how deep it was, so Mom the good old sport, waded in in her sandals and then I felt safe and dived in. It was such fun!!

Grandma is arriving from South Africa this afternoon!! I can't wait to see her again. Boy the house has had its first thorough cleaning - it smells bizarre! Wonder if Grandma will even notice. I am apparently not allowed to sleep in my usual bed tonite - as due to space restrictions, Mom and Grandma have to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed and poor Dad is relegated to the bed in the basement. As Grandma is not accustomed to sleeping in bed with dogs, I have to stay with Dad. Not sure I like that.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Party Animal

On May 17 I turned ONE year young! Today was my party in the park. I made a photo album of all the pics of me and my friends. To see the album, just click here.

Sorry this is so brief, I'm a busy dog.


PS Great news! Tieta, featured on my blog a few days ago, has found her forever home with Ozzie in Colorado! And all thanks to my post on this very blog!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wiry Fan Mail from Singapore!

You know me. I love a good jig! Well, when I found this awesome email in my inbox today, both Mom and I grabbed paws and hands and did a jig around the computer/wedding room (quite the miracle that - Mom makes me tip-toe in this sacred room lest I disturb the darn favors...)

So the email was from Party - pictured left (is he cute or what?). He described himself thus:

"I am a 6 year old wire. I was named Party (‘Ramasage Show No Mercy’) in the show home that I was born in. However, I was sold for a meaty price shortly after I won a puppy show, to someone who wanted a dog to show but did not think to love me. All in all, I had lived in no less than 3 homes and 1 breeding farm in the first 3 years of my life, endured neglect and lack of nutrition until I met mum.

She took me into her home to live, fattened me up (thankfully not for the Christmas dinner), and brought me all over, to play, to complete the shows and to simply have fun.".

Party lives with Mango who he describes as "a feisty 5 year old wft gal. Well, she came to live with mummy, at about 7 months old, from a farm, unsold at that age because of a bad bout of untreated fungus..." That's Mango on the right.

As I told you Mango and Party live in Singapore. Party told me that, "We are the wires from Singapore, a city island very far from you. It’s between Indonesia (near Australia) and Malaysia (beneath Thailand) and amounts to a little dot on the equator. My canine folks are mostly from Australia, and so are Mango’s. But both Mango and myself are born in Singapore. And our human mummy is a Chinese, but she is born in
Singapore (not China, though her ancestors are from there- and so it makes us a pretty multi- cultural family).

Pretty interesting. Party also assured me that, "I know you must be wondering if my mummy eats dogs since she is Chinese. Well, nope, she does not! Neither do the couple of million Chinese (out of 3 million human population) here in Singapore. Chinese who have dogs here come in all types. Mango and me met those who did not know how to take care of us. However, there are others who simply love and indulge in our kind. From pet caf├ęs to bakery to prams, many enjoy indulging in our kind too."

Well that's a relief, isn't it?!

Party and Mango have a baby together, named Fever (left). What an adorable little girl! I think I"m in love AGAIN. Fever lives with Mango and Party's cousin and guess what? she has her own blog so check it out!

And I left out the best part - that Mango and Party and their Mom Ng and Fever are all big fans! Party told me that, "Mummy talks a lot about you, Axel, like you have always been a family friend… Axel said this… Axel did that… Axel had this new toy… If only they could be friends… And I had only begun to realize how mummy was taken
by your charm when she said she will be getting us some toys from U.S. simply because you mentioned it on your blog..."

Can you believe it - I have POWER to persuade. My blog is famous around the world. I really am Blogger Supremo!

Well I hope you all enjoyed meeting my Singaporean pals as much as I did, and we hope to hear from them again soon. I gotta run and bark now as it's pouring with rain, thundering and hailing! It's too much to ignore!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Little Tieta Needs a Home

Tieta is a really cute 3.5 year old female Wire Fox Terrier whose family could no longer care for her. She is a petite little girl at 17 lbs. and she is a ball of energy! She is spayed and has all her shots. She loves kids and other dogs and is a little busy-body who will be your shadow. If you can give Tieta a stable forever home, please contact Julie at wftmomx2@yahoo.com

I hope both Scubie (featured on my blog a few days ago) and Tieta find homes soon. I can tell you I always overhear my parents saying what joy I have brought to their lives. Only yesterday when they thought I was asleep, I heard Mom say what I'd contributed to their lives - a circle of friends they would never have met but for me; regular exercise; regular laughter and further cementing of their relationship. That makes me proud and it makes me think that two very lucky families could make their lives happier and more entertaining if they offered these beautiful wires forever homes.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Of Makeovers, Meetings with Iowian Bitch and Early Birthday Gifts

Wow, what a day!

One highlight was around noon, Mom and I went for a long walk (Dad was still sick in bed, poor Dad, not a happy chap right now) to Lincoln park. I was having great fun with a few dogs when this man and his small dog came running towards us. Then Mom and I realized it was a wiry bitch on the end of his leash, and Mom was overcome with glee. Turned out that was Georgia all the way from Iowa - she had come with her Mom and Dad to see the Dad Vale Regatta. Her Dad was very excited to see another wire, and he thought I was gorgeous. Quite right. I played a bit with Georgia and we rolled around on the grass. Mom was sorry to leave them, but I had my hair appointment so we had to. Before Mom said goodbye she scribbled down my blog address in the hope they'd come and visit. I also hope they do and visit Butchy and Snickers' blog as they too live in Iowa. Maybe they can all get together! If Georgia is reading this and wants to stay in touch, you can email me here.

I was so pooped after that walk, Mom dragged me home, and then told me we were going out again, by car. Woohoo! She took me to the Bow Wow and Meouw grooming salon. Mom was thrilled to find out that they know how to strip - hardly anyone else does around here, and between you and me, Mom and Dad suck at it! They dropped me off at 12:30 PM and I wasn't done until after 4 PM. The nice grooming lady told Mom I had been a very good boy, so she was so proud. Turns out my haircuts cost more than Mom and Dad's combined - but then I have more hair than they do combined too! Mom, Dad and me think Bow Wow did a great job stripping me and we heartily recommed the salon to all dogs in Philadelphia!
So here are some pics of the new look Axel, handsome daredevil:

When I got home, Mom told me two early birthday gifts had arrived for me! One from Miss Amelia, and one from Huckleberry! I was verklempt, so appreciative was I of their generosity. Miss Amelia sent me a bright red retractable lead and collar and money to spend on treats! How cool is that?! And Huck - well, he knows me well - he sent me a Tshirt that says, "THE BITCHES LOVE ME!" - man, I can't wait to show that off in the park. Mom can wear her fave Tshirt too that says, "SKINNY BITCH" - we'll be quite the pair. Mom hated being thin all her life, but now she flaunts it in front of all the fat Americans! LOL. But wait, I forgot to tell you the best thing - Huck also sent me the hugest Dingo I've ever seen. Delicious. I carried it around in my mouth for 1/2 hour not quite knowing whether to tackle it or hide it. THANK YOU MISS AMELIA AND HUCK - YOU BOTH ROCK!! Here is a pic of me and my big Dingo:

So with all this excitement, I am really really tired. So I decided to cuddle with Dad and have a snooze - I know that always cheers him up. I love my Dad and I love to share his pillow.

I wish every day was like today.


PS Forgot, Mom spotted a wiry greeting card at the Carwash store of all places. It's a birthday card that says, "Happy Birthday, don't lift a paw!" Cute wire, but I dare say, I would make a better model.You can buy these cards - with or without the caption by clicking here.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scubie Needs A Home

Meet Scubie...

He is a cute wiry fella who is looking for a loving, forever home. He will be 6 years-old on May 29 and he is healthy as a horse! (Funny, why is it sick as a dog and healthy as a horse!? Seems damn unfair if you ask me...again, noone ever does).

Poor Scubie lost his human daddy a while back which is why he needs a new home. He would prefer to be an only dog and pet. The lady looking after him now says "He is a wonderful little dog and very sweet. He does need some schooling but he is not hyper and is very loving." He is currently located in Florida, but the wonderful rescue people are willing to transport him anywhere. They also need vet references and a home check which is common practice in the rescue biz. We wires are too special to go to any home out there.

If you can offer Scubie a loving home, please contact Lindsey at photosmith@msn.com.
I'm keeping my paws crossed that Scubie will find a special home soon.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Silent World of the Dog

Hey everyone!

So Mom entered me in the Old Navy doggie mascot contest - me and about 7,000 other dogs. Of course I'd love to win the $10,000 modeling contract and a trip to LA, but there sure are some cute canines on there. Mom and her friends decided to try to at least get a WIRE to win - so everyone in the wire fox network are entering their wiry kids. How awesome would it be if any one of us represented Old Navy!

One little guy with a definite chance is my new pal Ozzy. He is exactly, to the day, 6 months younger than me. He lives with his family in some unpronounceable place called Poughhkeepsie NY. Mom said that isn't so far from where Pippin the Wire lives, so maybe when we go on our roadtrip to see him, we can stop in and say Hi to Ozzy too.

Poor Dad was sick as a .....dog (objection your honor! Why use us as the simile for sickness!) today and he stayed home and took to his bed. I tried to look after him and keep him company by lying on his back and chewing my bone. He is feeling a bit better but I think Mom should get him a bark collar - boy he makes a lot of noise getting that muck out of his chest!

Mom seems to have found some sort of inner serenity of late despite the ever looming wedding date (June 4). She was so stressed out before, I think she exorcized it all out of her and there is nothing left! She walks around humming the songs she chose for her processional...I'm just glad they are instrumental and Mom isn't singing...

Speaking of which, both Mom and Dad were visibly shocked by the American Idol elimination tonight...they thought that dude Daughty was going to win, not get booted off. I on the other hand, quite frankly do not give a damn who wins. It's just a lot of commercial claptrap if you ask me...

Noone alas ever does ask me.


Friday, May 05, 2006

More Fun in the Park

Today was Cinquo De Mayo Yappy Hour in my park. All the friends turned up bringing their humans with them. I played for over 2 hours so I'm sort of pooped and will keep this short. I took some cool photos to show you.

The brown staffie sort of bitch is Thesby and me and her are good pals. We play hard, she bites my neck and tail a lot but I love it. Today we crashed into the water bucket (you can see it right behind my head) and all the water spilled. I was happy cos I was hot so I rolled around in it and came out looking pretty black. Mom just laughed.

In the picture on the left you can see my good friend Gracie the Anatolian Shephard. You may recall puppy pics of her when I was much bigger than she was. Now she whips my ass. On the right with the frisby is Olive, boy you should see her catch that frisby in mid-air. Pretty awesome. She crashed into Mom the other day and my little mom went flying in the air like the frisby. Luckily she only got bruised knees - I notice she now tends to stick close to the bench or a tree for "protection" from crazy running dogs.

Remember I told you about the French man John who is owner of SuperDog? He is the man who brings the water bucket for all of us and refills it often by walking quite far to a water main. He is quite a guy, he sings to us all in French and is very fond of his SuperDog. Pity SuperDog isn't in the pictures...he keeps to himself mostly or guards the cheese that John brings to the Yappy Hour - he makes it himself (John not Superdog)! You can see John below speaking to a friend. On his shoulder are the kegs he fills with water for us to drink and for me to swim in. He loves us and we love him. Behind him, you can see Ruby the pointer. She is one strange bird that bitch. She is oblivious to man and dog - she runs about pointing and stalking things. I think she is quite off her rocker.

I need to get some shut-eye now. I'm worn out. But before I go, I want to wish my dear friend Alexandra - Miss Amelia's Mommy - a very happy 11th birthday!! Wishing you many more healthy and happy ones dear bitch. You look delightful sitting in your crate below.


Quiet Day in the Park

Wow, it was really hot yesterday so the turn out of my dog pals was lower than usual and those that did show up, prefered to laze in the shade than run with me in the sun. Anyway, as promised, I did take my camera along so you could see me with some of my pals.

This is a pic of me and Larry. Larry is one weird dude dog, he has the weirdest haircut and for some reason he sort of picks on me, likes to challenge and bark at me. But I'm tough, I can handle him:

My friends and I like going up to the humans to beg for water or treats. Nearly all of them carry treats in their pockets in case they have a hard time getting us to come to them in order to take us home...so we know how to work these humans...you follow them about a bit and inevitably they break down and give you a treat to get rid of you. Heh heh.

My fave thing to do is to roll in the tall, damp grass as you can see here. Check out the little sheepdog pup - he looks like my pal Mackie's irritating brother doesn't he? I wish they'd let him off the leash so I could really play with him...but some humans are scaredy cats:

And finally here I am with Max the daschund and Brody the baby Cairn terrier. Brody is also kept on leash cos he's just a little guy - but we still manage to play well - he's a feisty little thing:

Today is Friday which means it's Yappy Hour in the park from 5-7PM and the French man brings cheese that he makes, and there are usually potato chips and beer too - it's a really fun time for us dogs and our humans too. I'll try to remember to take my camera AGAIN.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blooming Marvelous!

Knock Knock?
Who's there?
Rex who?
Rex the angry neighbor who doesn't dig my barking.

Hello bark collar ol' enemy.

And I've been a really good boy of late, barking a lot less and I haven't destroyed any remotes or phones for at least a week.

Anyway, you know Butchy and Snicker's Mom Linda is always winning photo contests of her beautiful ponds and gardens. Like this one of Snickers for example:

Well Linda, look out, Mom is going to give you competition! Today the irises bloomed in gorgeous purple and yellow and Mom snapped this pic of me checking it out:

How cool is that? I look kind of high on it's scent!

My birthday is 2 weeks today and the dreaded wedding is now in under 5 weeks. Mom seems to wake up regularly these days at 4am, tosses and turns and then goes down for a drink. I like to go with her so she has company, and I take the opportunity for a pee. By the way the Fedex man brought Mom and Dad a beautiful wedding gift from Luci and Raisin and their parents Kathy and Ed - that was so nice of them! I can't wait to go see them again and swim with Luci in her big swimming pool!

I'm in love with the summertime. Everyday after work, Mom and I head to the park where I play with about 15-20 other dogs off leash. I must remember to take my camera with me tomorrow, you will die of envy when you see me with my pals.

Oh shoot, gotta run, I hear Mom a-coming and I'm not supposed to be in here.