Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TV Star....in Norway?

Another doggone awesome day! Mom stayed home from work today to take me to the Doggie Brunch at the Schuykill River Dog Park. We went with Elvis and his Mom Priscilla (get it? Elvis and Priscilla? Kinda weird...) and drove down there together. It was fun sharing the backseat with Elvis!

The brunch wasn't much of a brunch. It turned out to be more of a promotion for Cordog Bleu dog treats and a film shoot. Elvis and I were the big stars really. First the producer interviewed Priscilla and Elvis (see pic below) and then he interviewed Mom and Me. Mom asked what they were going to do with the footage, and the producer said it was for Norweigen TV! I'd never heard of Norway, so I raided Dad's Atlas and saw that it's quite far away from Philadelphia, and they don't speak English either, so I wonder whether I'll be dubbed into Norweigen? Kind of funny to think of me romping on TV screens in that far away country! After the interview, the camera man followed me about and that camera near my face freaked me out some, so I barked and ran away and then came back again and did it over and over. Bet the Norweigen people will love my antics!

Of course the whole point of the brunch was to introduce us to Cordog Bleu dog treats. Being a dog with a social conscience, I was impressed to read that the biscuits are "handmade by single mothers in a unique partnership with the People's Emergency Center's welfare-to-work program - JOBS (Job Opportunity Business Skills)". So by buying the biscuits, we are helping single moms stay off welfare. Brilliant.

Only one wee problem...I didn't dig those biscuits. Even Elvis who has a voracious appetite, ate one and then couldn't face another. And those were the peanut-butter/banana treats - the other flavor is (wait for it...) TUNA! Tuna!? What were they thinking? What happened to good ol' beef/chicken/lamb or swine? Yes, we have social consciousnesses, but no, we ain't freaking vegan/holistic/microbiotic/health conscious creatures! We eat bones and pig ears for crying out loud...not TUNA! Ever see a dog go fishing? Who did they do their market research on - a bunch of cats disguised as dogs?

Anyway, some of the dogs seemed to appreciate the taste so I don't want to slam the product (especially if it endangers my potential new TV fame in Norway)...