Friday, September 29, 2006

Change is Hard!

I've been a bit down in the dumps. It's hard to adjust to having no window perch anymore. It's hard to accept that when Mom and Dad aren't home, I am banned from their bedroom (becos I tend to stand on the bed and bark out the window). It's hard to get used to being told to "shush" every time I emit the slightest bark. And all this, because of one miserable neighbor who doesn't seem to like me much.

To make up for these major upsets in my life, Mom has come up with a new idea. When she is home, and the weather is good, she tethers me to the railing outside our front door and I can sit there and watch the street and the people/dogs passing by. It's even better than looking out the window...but Mom is too afraid to leave me out there without her sitting right next to me - someone might steal me! And sometimes I see things that make me I still get those irritating shushes. Here I am sitting on our porch. Just call me Tether Terrier! Why do I have to be tied to the's not like I'd up and run away..heh heh, you don't believe me do you?

The only good thing to come out of these major changes to my life, is that I'm getting a lot more treats!! When Mom and Dad leave for work, they hide liver treats around the house and I go and hunt for them. Mom leaves me a kong full of yummy peanut butter on a towel in the livingroom. There is always a dingo lurking somewhere...and of course, when Mom is home, she has started giving me raw beef ribs. I know she did that to get me to like my crate...yesterday I surprised her. After taking the rib and hiding it in the shower, I went back and got it, and ate it in my crate. Voluntarily! Mom was thrilled but frustrated as she'd spread a dirty towel on the floor in front of the crate because she didn't think I'd want to go into my I ate the rib in my bed and made a lovely mess!

I got an email from my buds Chris and Highcrest Dale Gunn. Chris wrote that, "I took a picture of Highcrest in his house relaxing. At first he did not like his house very much, but now he loves it!! He has a couple of toys in there when he
sleeps." That's a good idea, I will move some of my toys from my toybox to my house...

My house is okay, but I prefer to still hang out on my old perch - I just wish it still faced the window!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bait in a Crate

Remember I told you the trainer lady Jane told Mom and Dad to crate me all day to stop me barking. Well, Mom and Dad have held off doing that because they know I like to have the freedom to move around. Besides, we never had a crate! But that changed when Gracie had the temerity to outgrow hers and get a new one. So guess who got the hand-me-down? Moi.

Mom's friend Christine, Mother of the famous Dean-O, instructed Mom on how to get me to like my crate.
"Give him rib bones in the crate, that way he'll associate the crate with delicious treats" (Well, that was the gist of the advice).
So off Mom went to the supermarket to buy me beef ribs. The crate was assembled in Mom's office and the experiment began.

I smelled the rib bone. I got excited. But I also smelled a rat when she threw the bone into the wiry crate! I am not dumb. I get my ass in there and I knew I'd be trapped. So I wasn't going in. Bone or no bone. Oh how Mom tried to coax me in. When she wasn't looking, I dashed in, grabbed the bone and ran downstairs with it. I hid it behind the TV, but Mom found it and brought it back to my crate.

Enter Dad. He told me to get to my crate to get my bone, and somehow coming from a fellow male, it made logical sense, and in I went.
And it wasn't so bad, the crate that is. And the rib was WONDERFUL!

Here I am eating it in my crate (note I am not wearing my orange harness. I killed it last night, I chewed the buckle off when Mom and Dad were not looking!):

So thanks to Christine and Dean-O for giving Mom this brilliant idea.
But I'm still a bit weary of that wire crate...den my little tushy - it's a cage doggone it!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Keeping Paws Crossed...

My itchies are back. With a vengeance. I am so itchy I want to just shed my skin like some old snake and get a new one. I am that uncomfortable. Thank the lord, Dad took me back to the vet today so I could get a shot and stop biting and scratching myself. I never thought I would ever be happy to see a syringe!

I've been having a really good week thanks to Gracie's Mom. From Tuesday to Friday, after our usual gang went for a walk, I was allowed to stay over at Gracie's house while Mom and Dad were at work. Man it is so much better than being alone all day! I suspect the thinking behind this was to appease my nemesis, the complaining neighbor. In fact, let me add, that Mom called Animal Control to find out what the law is on barking dogs in Philadelphia. She was told that dogs are permitted to bark for FIFTEEN minutes every HOUR. I really don't believe I ever exceed that... and anyway, what with my recent training and the sudden plethora of chewing treats and toys, who has the time or inclination to bark!?

Anyway, enough about neighbors who don't appreciate my charms... I want to tell you all about this amazing quilt that you could win with a small donation to Airdale Rescue. I often get mistaken for an Airdale by the ignorant masses, besides foxies, I think Airdales are the coolest, though I don't recall ever having had the pleasure of seeing one up close. Mom grew up with an Airdale, a bitch named Winston (yeah, I can't work it out either), but unfortunately she was hit by a car at a young age, poor gal. Just look at this quilt!!

And, believe it or not, there is a wire hidden in there amongst the Airdales. Can you spot it? I've blown it up for you here:

I wish I had an Airdale pal! Please check out details of the raffle at
http://www.airedale friends/ and support them if you can. Mom really wants that quilt - she sent off money for a few tickets and told me to keep my paws crossed. I asked if we could line my crate with it if we win, and Mom gave me a very odd look!

By the way, another Airdale rescue is raffling yet another quilt - for details to win, click here: (you may have to scroll down some)

Remember my pal and fellow motorcycle gang member Dean-O won the Petster Dog of the Month contest and generously donated all his proceeds to American Fox Terrier Rescue? Well, the organization accepted the check, and you can read all about it over here: It was a mightly big check- and thanks to Jake-the-Wire, seen below, for accepting it on behalf of all Foxies in need:

I have yet to see a piece of brisket, but I remain, Axel G Chocholoza, ever the optimist.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I am ALL Powerful!

Boy, never underestimate the Dog Power! I have single-handedly turned my parents lives UPSIDE DOWN!

It all began with a phone call to Mom at work by my dreaded nemisis Rex.
"Dani, Axel has been barking for 20 minutes. Can you do something?"
Mom felt her heart constrict - and stammered that she would be home soon. She then called Dad who came home from work instead. Mom hates upsetting our neighbor, she is that odd sort of human who hates any kind of discord.
By coincidence, Mom had arranged for a dog trainer lady to come over to help them adjust to my barking "issue".

[For the record, in case you forgot. I am a %$#&ing DOG. Dogs bark. That's what we do. So what is the issue here? I'll never get it.]

Jane the trainer lady arrived just as I was having a barking frenzy out the window. I thought I'd show off a bit...She had the temerity to suggest that the reason I bark out the window is because I get instant gratification. I see someone, I bark, I chase them away. I win!!
Boy - how did she know that???

So she talked and talked to Mom and Dad as their eyes started to glaze over with the knowledge of all the work that lay ahead. And then she started to click at me and throw me treats! I liked that part! All that clicking would have made a Xhosa South African proud (for the ignorant - for Xhosa people clicking is part of their language).

After Jane left, the strangest thing happened. Dad started moving my furniture around. The couch was dragged away from my window, and the TV went there instead. My world turned upside down. I didn't know what to make of it. I'm still confused. How will I bark out the window if I can't GET TO THE WINDOW?? HELP!
And all night, Mom and Dad walked about clicking at me...I think they've finally lost their marbles. So here is a picture of my new universe...Gracie came over to check it out for herself... but she was more interested in stealing my bone!

Just as I was trying to acclimate to my new surroundings, Dad dropped me off at Doggy Day Care this morning to give my nemesis some peace until they adapt to my new training regimen. Boy I had a hectic day. I came home and just collapsed. Mom and Dad looked very happy...

When I came home, I heard some sad news. Remember I told you about that Pitbull pup we found abandoned in the park? Well, after Gracie's Mom fostered him for 3 weeks, no home could be found for him, so he was despatched kindly to the rainbow bridge where he will finally find his safe forever home. He didn't like me and tried to bite me a few times, but even I, Axel G Chocholoza know that it wasn't his fault. He was horribly abused and defensive, so I didn't hold it against him...may his little tortured soul rest in peace, and I think Gracie's Mom was very special indeed for caring for him all this time.

Finally - Guess what? I got a gift in the mail from my Canadian buddy Dean-O - winner of the Petster dog of the month if you recall! He sent me this ultra-cool black leather jacket - I am now part of the wiry motorcycle gang, I look so butch, the bitches are going to go wild! I may just make a video of it - Bitches Gone Wild!

I may just wear my coat to the All Terrier Show on October - I'd like to show those prissy show dogs what a REAL manly wire looks like. We don't go parading around in a ring, and get chalked and blowdryed 5 times a day. We are naturally sexy and handsome.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two Revelations

Revelation #1:
I tried one of those tuna flavored dog treats by Cordog Bleu and ...I quite liked it! I ate the whole thing! Mom was shocked I tell you, shocked!

Revelation #2:
It is difficult to be a social butterfly when one's Mother is an idiot.
Mom has been going on all week about the Grand Opening of the Doggy Style Boutique in downtown Philadelphia. The owner of the two stores has a Wire named Lucy and Mom has been yakking all week about us going to meet her at the Opening, today, Thursday.
So Mom rushed back from work and shlepped me, in the pouring rain and rush hour traffic, to downtown...after what seemed like ages in the stop and start traffic, we finally, and most miraculously, found a parking spot one block from the store! We get out, enter the store....and there is NO other dog or human there, just the saleslady.
Mom asks, "Isn't it your grand opening event today?"
Lady replies, "oh no, that was YESTERDAY! IT WAS A FABULOUS TIME!"

Mom turns bright red and drags me out the store.
She tried to make it up to us both by taking me to Rittenhouse Square Park. I had a swim and then we both got caught in a torrential downpour and ran back to the car. We both looked like drowned rats by the time we got into our car.

So there you have it. No Lucy. No grand opening. Just a silly Mother and too much rain.


PS If this doesn't prove my Mom is an idiot, then perhaps the fact that she has decided to watch the premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands tonite will put all doubters to rest.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TV Norway?

Another doggone awesome day! Mom stayed home from work today to take me to the Doggie Brunch at the Schuykill River Dog Park. We went with Elvis and his Mom Priscilla (get it? Elvis and Priscilla? Kinda weird...) and drove down there together. It was fun sharing the backseat with Elvis!

The brunch wasn't much of a brunch. It turned out to be more of a promotion for Cordog Bleu dog treats and a film shoot. Elvis and I were the big stars really. First the producer interviewed Priscilla and Elvis (see pic below) and then he interviewed Mom and Me. Mom asked what they were going to do with the footage, and the producer said it was for Norweigen TV! I'd never heard of Norway, so I raided Dad's Atlas and saw that it's quite far away from Philadelphia, and they don't speak English either, so I wonder whether I'll be dubbed into Norweigen? Kind of funny to think of me romping on TV screens in that far away country! After the interview, the camera man followed me about and that camera near my face freaked me out some, so I barked and ran away and then came back again and did it over and over. Bet the Norweigen people will love my antics!

Of course the whole point of the brunch was to introduce us to Cordog Bleu dog treats. Being a dog with a social conscience, I was impressed to read that the biscuits are "handmade by single mothers in a unique partnership with the People's Emergency Center's welfare-to-work program - JOBS (Job Opportunity Business Skills)". So by buying the biscuits, we are helping single moms stay off welfare. Brilliant.

Only one wee problem...I didn't dig those biscuits. Even Elvis who has a voracious appetite, ate one and then couldn't face another. And those were the peanut-butter/banana treats - the other flavor is (wait for it...) TUNA! Tuna!? What were they thinking? What happened to good ol' beef/chicken/lamb or swine? Yes, we have social consciousnesses, but no, we ain't freaking vegan/holistic/microbiotic/health conscious creatures! We eat bones and pig ears for crying out loud...not TUNA! Ever see a dog go fishing? Who did they do their market research on - a bunch of cats disguised as dogs?

Anyway, some of the dogs seemed to appreciate the taste so I don't want to slam the product (especially if it endangers my potential new TV fame in Norway)...


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Life is a Carnivale!

Another glorious day! After a long walk with Dad this morning to the Art Musuem, which included a swim in the fountain, we arrived home to be told by Mom that we were going to the Dog Carnivale at Rittenhouse Square Park (very larny area) in downtown Philly. I of course, did a jig. I've never been to a carnivale before, and it sounded exciting!

When we got there, I was overwhelmed by the number of dogs...dogs of every shape and size, and many dressed in ridiculous costumes as there was a costume contest. Phew - was I relieved that Mom and Dad didn't put me through that. By the way, there was not ONE Wire to be seen anywhere - plenty of Jack Russels and those nerve-ending- with-hair dogs - Yorkies, but no foxies. As a result, I attracted my fair share of attention...but of course also got mistaken for an Airdale and Schnauzer. One old lady loved me and asked what I was - Dad gave his usual shtick he gives old people - saying that I am Asta the Wonderdog from the Thin Man. This confused this woman, who it turned out, thought I was the Asta, which is really silly given that it would make me a very old dog indeed - about 55 in human years! Dad meant the breed lady, the breed!!!

Well a fun time was had by me, that's for sure. I got free peanut butter ice-cream, and jumped into the pond, much to the amusement of the crowd as for a while there, I was the only swimming canine:

I also had my photo taken with Dad and Scooby Doo...

There was a band that only played doggie type music - but it hurt my ears. While they played, I relaxed atop a wall and hung out:

After a few hours, lots of treats and the sniffing of many a-butt, we headed home and all enjoyed a well-deserved afternoon nap.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Ghost at the Art Museum

Every Friday Mom gets off work early, so we usually go on a longer and more adventurous walk. Today we went to the Art Museum so I could swim in the fountain again. But on the way there, at the foot of the famous Art Museum steps, there was...a black ghost, and many people had gathered to look at it. I couldn't figure out what it was or what it was doing there, but I heard the crowd whisper his name as "Rocky" and that he was the ghost of some movie of old about Boxers. I didn't know about Boxer movies, I'd only heard about Lassie collie movies and Asta-Thin-Man wire fox movies, but I guess Rocky is a film about Boxers. Boxers and a black ghost. I like Boxers, my good pal Bailey is one. I hope Mom decides to rent the movie, although I did hear her mutter under her breath that the ghost was not art, the movie was stupid and that she was hoping to get me near enough to it later so I could pee on it!! MOM!! I am too afraid to pee on a ghost!
Here are some photos of the ghost...scary stuff!

After a quick swim (and vomit - I ate a pretzel covered in plastic yesterday at the park when Mom had her head turned, and I upchucked it half way into the fountain...luckily not many people saw me...), we headed to the dog park. I didn't feel much like playing today, so I just sat on Mom's lap and watched the dogs at play.

I think Mom needs a haircut, don't you? She's starting to look like a redhead retriever.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Ode to Siblings

Yesterday our whole gang headed to the park, including our new pal the pitbull pup who still doesn't have a name, so for the purposes of my blog, I am going to name him Pitapup. So Pitapup, Gracie, Kila and I went to the dog park. Everyone took an interest in Pitapup, and he seemed okay at first amongst all the other dogs, but his foster Mom wisely kept him leashed. For the first time we witnessed Pitapup playing - he climbed all over Gracie and licked her face! But I think all those dogs and goings on started to overwhelm him, because out of nowhere, when I walked up to him, he tried to attack me! I got a fright and my feelings were a little hurt as I've been nothing but friendly to the little guy. Later he also went for Ella, another the Moms decided it was time to head home. Given Pitapup's background, it isn't surprising that he is easily overwhelmed or threatened by the presence of other dogs. He just needs time.

After the park, Gracie came over to play again! Boy, I sure love Gracie, even if she eats all my biscuits, bones and toys. I don't mind sharing at all! Sometimes I wish she was my sister and we lived together full time!

Speaking of siblings, some of my pals have just acquired some!

My Argentinian Wiry pal Chechu went and got herself a new human brother, Fede. She tells me it's nice to have a human baby brother except when he cries, and Fede seems to cry a lot. Check out Chechu watching over Fede in his crib, what a sweet photo:

Then my pal Bigfoot Fletch in California, just acquired a new wiry little sister named Maxie. Maxie reports that, "I really do love my big brother, but he is somewhat of an minute he is playing with me and the next he attacks me for no reason at all. Mom says it is to tell me he is boss! That remains to be seen." Below are photos of Maxie in pose and the two of them together on squirrel patrol!

And lastly, my friend Niall the wire, just adopted a retired Greyhound named Dixie. Niall reports that Dixie is a great sister - and here he is giving her a kiss...I think it's cool that Niall and his other siblings Tessa and Ruffles, and Mom Barbara, offered their home to Dixie. Now instead of being a running race dog, she can enjoy quality snooze and play times with her new family!

For those of you out there, like me, with no siblings - you can always enjoy some virtual ones by checking in on the wiry puppycam !


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hallelujah! Snacks Galore!

Look what came in the email for me today!!!

Cordog Bleu! Free snacks! Brunch! Woohoo! Mom is taking a vacation day to treat her little guy to this special day! I am one lucky bugger!

This morning I checked in on our little pitbull pal, and he seemed in good spirits, his tail was wagging! He is on his way...

Big shout out to my Grandma in South Africa who is another year younger today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA - wishing you many more happy and healthy ones!

Son and Grandson

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Abandoned in the Rain: We Find a New Friend

This morning Mom took me out for a short walk because it was raining and she had to get to work. So I missed my usual romp with my pals Gracie, Kila, Elvis and Gia. This afternoon however, I ran to Gracie's house, and Elvis and Gia were there too! It was then that I heard a very sad story that made me wonder how some humans can be so evil.

It seems this morning while on their walk, the gang heard a distant wailing near the basketball court. Upon closer inspection, they found a little white puppy pitball tethered to a pole, abandoned in the rain. Of course the gangs' Moms, being first class human beings, could never contemplate leaving a dog in distress like that, so Gracie's Mom took him home and to a vet. The poor little guy - he doesn't have a name yet - it seems he was bait for pitballs - he has scratches and bites all over his malnourished little body, and absess on his leg and his ribs and pelvic bones are protruding through his skin. Yet despite all the obvious horrors he's endured, he seems sweet natured, timid of course, but not unfriendly. Take a look at him, isn't he a sweet guy? We are trying to think of a good name for him...

After greeting our new little friend, the 3 Moms and six dogs headed out for a romp in the pouring rain. The little guy was shy, but he seemed to grow in confidence. Gracie, Elvis and I had a wonderful time running in the rain and I of course, could not resist a swim in a puddle...
Despite having a glorious time with my pals, I kept thinking about our new friend - what kind of evil, horrible humans could leave a pup abandoned like that? What kind of human could starve a dog and feed him to other dogs to eat? I, Axel G Chocholoza, do not understand this at all.

My poor girlfriend Gracie was feeling a little ambivalent about the new addition, so when Mom went over to give Gracie's Mom my crate for the little guy, she brought Gracie back with her to play with me! I was beyond thrilled of course! This time when Mom and Dad were distracted, we ran into their bedroom and wrestled on the bed!

I like this picture - doesn't it look like I'm lying on a bearskin rug? heh heh

And then Gracie peed on the bedroom floor...And that was the end of our fun in the bedroom...and Gracie went home.

Well, keep your fingers crossed for our new little pal - let's hope he gains some weight and trust while being fostered by Gracie's family, and finds a loving forever home.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am the Dog of Cool

Well, it's official. I'm cool. Today my blog is featured as Cool Site of the day on - click on "international" and then "cool site of the day" and you'll land up on my very blog! But only today - Sept. 2. Then you can vote my blog as coolest website of the month!

Speaking of voting, Congrats to my Canadian pal Dean-O who won the Petster of the Month, after grand efforts by all the fox terrier folks around the world. Why the effort? Becos first prize was $1000 and it's all going to Fox Terrier Rescue. Bravo!

It's been raining and raining, so the only good thing to come out of it is many playdates with my girlfriend Gracie. Yesterday she came over to my place, and this afternoon I went to hers. Here we are grinning our faces off - boy do I look silly!

Mom spent most of the day in the kitchen. I thought she was making my chicken and boiling my marrow bones - but alas no. It seems she up and invited half the neighborhood to lunch tomorrow, including my nemesis Rex - I mean what is up with that Mom? I spotted big hunks of London Broil, chicken breasts that Mom spent hours making into pretty, colorful kebabs, and lots of salad stuff. I can't go near Mom 'cos she honks of garlic - she made garlic bread and garlic-vinagrette marinade for the beef. And then on the table I spotted this delicious smelling cake - Mom told me it's a Blitz Torte (Grandma in South Africa's speciality) and not to "Dare put your long snoot near it!" Oh but it smells so yummy - it is two layers and has meringue on the top! And tomorrow she's going to sandwich it together with whipped cream!

I think I'll have to sneak downstairs when they are both asleep and have a piece....

Finally, kudos to Minnie, Sharon Osbourne's Pomeranian who had the good judgement to bite Patrick Swayze when he appeared as a guest on Sharon's talk show. Don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting dog biting - I just get a kind of thrill when it's directed at a celebrity has-been like Swayze. I saw him in that Dirty Dancing flick - and frankly, his gyrating grossed me out!

And one last thing, there was a very good new development in New York this week. A judge issued a restraining order on behalf of a dog " using a new state law that offers protection to pets." A 20-year-old man was ordered to stay at least 90 metres away from the five-year-old bichon frise, Bebe, after he was arrested and charged with injury to an animal for allegedly hitting the pup.
Of course if I was the judge, I would have strung up the 20-year-old man and gotten Minnie and all her mates to bit him repeatedly in the groin. But of course, I, Axel G Chocholoza, am way ahead of the times...