Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Farewell Dear Friends

I am sad. I am verklempt. I have just said goodbye to my dearest friends Gracie the Anatolian (my best friend ever); Dozer, the Shephard mix alias Fenway; Kela, the Spaniel; Mojo, the black cat; and Dee, the homo sapien. Tomorrow they leave Philadelphia forever and head to Massachewsits - which I hope for Gracie's sake, is the land of many chews - perhaps that is where they grow Dingos and Pigs Ears?

Let's take a minute, to savor the moments of the special friendship I've shared with Gracie for the last year and a half. I was a few months old when she moved into the house across the street. Oh Gracie, how I will miss you sweetie.
Here is Gracie when she was a wee pup - those were the days when I towered over her!

And here are just some of the precious moments we shared together - playing, wrestling, partying and just hanging out in our street:

I knew the end was near, when I woke up to see this apparition on our street:

Later, Mom and I sat on the step with P our friend/dogwalker/neighbor and watched the men pack up the truck. And then Gracie, Dozer and Kela came by and Sasha, our pal the huge Akita visited to say a last goodbye too. I love J, Sasha's dad as he always carries pockets full of treats:

Later still, P ran home to get Elvis so he too could say his goodbyes to Gracie, Dozer and Kela. Here he is giving Gracie a kiss farewell...our pack will never be the same...

Finally, as the sun went down - it was time to part at last. We did one final check on the neighborhood alleyways and then Gracie took me by the leash and led me to my door - she whispered in my ear, "Farewell dear dear friend - until we meet again. I shall miss you. Thanks for being such a groovy pal. I will never forget you - I will always have a special place in my heart for your spunky wirey soul."

And so dear friends, one chapter ends as the big, loyal and beautiful Anatolian goes off on a new adventure with her brother, sister and Mom, and heartbroken but stoic, her Philadelphia pack stay behind, to bravely face another day...