Monday, August 29, 2005

A Local Yokel

I found another wire in Pennsylvania - but boy is it a HUGE state - Rocky lives miles away in Oakmont, which is about 11 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Sounds like a swell place to live, as his mom Lisa explains, "It's a quaint little town with brick streets and gas street lanterns, but we have the city amenities." He is almost four and loves Cherry water ice (as you can see in his first pic) and chasing rabbits in his yard. I still haven't seen a damn rabbit!!


Around the World in One Blog Flash

First a big round of applause for the Philly cops -- the horrible man who broke in and raped our neighbor is now behind bars, and I hope he stays there FOREVER. Now we can all sleep a bit better at night.

I had a super weekend, bar the visit to the vet! Yesterday Mom, Dad and I went to Quakertown to visit Dad's friend Rob who lives on a big family farm. Wow, I had so much room to run and play! I found a nice black gravel area, and had a good dig in the rain. Boy did I look a sight!
I then ran up to everyone (there was a big family reunion) and made sure everyone got as dirty as me! Heh heh!

We interrupt this blog report, with an advertisement for Sour Apple Crush brought to us by that Canadian Rascal Colby Russel!

Thank you Colby, and now we whip around the globe to the UK for two amazing news stories.
Wow, these folks must really love their dog!

A worried couple have offered a £40,000 reward to anyone who finds their missing dog.
Diane and Roy Cousins, both 55, have re-mortgaged their home in Bromley, Kent and even sold their wedding rings to raise the cash in an attempt find their beloved pooch, Natasha.

After consulting my online currency converter - I can tell you that is over $72,000! If I lived in Kent, I'd be out there sniffing for Natasha myself, my parents sure could use that kind of loot!

And how is this for a smart Scottish pooch?

When Archie, a black labrador, lost his owner on a lonely Scottish station, he jumped on the first train home. Not only did the dog catch the right train, he got off at the right station. Closed-circuit television footage shows the dog waiting for his master at the station before watching the Aberdeen to Inverness train pull in. Unable to find his owner, the labrador decided to avoid a long walk home by nipping aboard the 20.38 train. He got out at the right stop, Insch, 12 minutes along the line.

And now Axel's international blog, whips west to Panama - situated between Costa Rica and Columbia in Central America. Panama is home to two more wiry friends, Olaf and Lulu who are owned by Sarah. Olaf is a Panamanian native, but Lulu was imported from Argentina. What devilish grins the pair of them have!

And nearer to home in Louisiana and Mississippi (did I spell that right Grandma??), my thoughts are with my fellow animals who are about to be hit by the bitchy witchy Hurricane Katrina! I hope all the humans and animals will be safe - I've been watching that big red swirly image on TV, and it's pretty scary looking!

Over and Out.