Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Of Anniversaries and Noseless Pals

On Monday - June 4 - Mom and Dad celebrated their first wedding anniversary! Mazel tov! I had been looking forward to it because a layer of their wedding cake has been in our freezer for one whole year and Mom told Dad over and over that they were going to eat it on Monday. I expected my share too. But when it had been out a few hours defrosting, Mom opened up the tinfoil wrap and to her horror, saw whichever moron caterer had wrapped it after the wedding, had left the flowers on top. Real flowers with stemps pushed deep into the cake. Dad took one look and vowed he was not going to eat a morsel. Mom felt it would be bad luck, so she compromised and gave me a bite. It was just OK. Here you can see the monstrosity - which I might add, landed in the trashcan, one second after the pictorial evidence was taken...

In other exciting news...Mom came home with a big box today she'd collected from a mail depot. And out of the box, came a miniature ME with a name tag around his neck proclaiming him to be IKE. He is the famous wire from the Dear Mrs La Rue: Letters from an Obedience School book series - Mom bought the book too. I stole him out of Mom's hand and did a jig around the room. Mom let me enjoy Ike for a while until she noticed me trying to detach his nose.

Mom sat me down and explained that this was HER toy not MINE and I was not to destroy it. Yeah right Mom. Here I am pretending to be his friend, all the while devising a strategy for giving him a total rhinoplasty!!

Lastly, guess what I did yesterday morning? Besides giving Dad a heart attack, I dived into the Schukyll (who can spell that?) river because it's slimy and muddy, and you know I love to swim. Dad had to hoist me out by my lead which wasn't a pretty sight! He should know better than take me to tempting locations like river banks! I am not a paragon of self restraint!