Sunday, August 31, 2008

LABOR Day Weekend

I now see why they call it LABOR day weekend. Boy I've been working hard!

First Dad's niece who he calls Baby Bubba (though she is already 7) came over. She is very sweet for a small human, but she required careful supervision and I was put in charge, especially during dinner!
I made sure I sat right next to her and kept my eyes peeled on her plate...ahem, I mean on HER. Dad was transfixed by some silly show called Spongebob Square Pants which Baby Bubba insisted on blaring all evening. The show is not for erudite young Wires like me. Drivel!

The whole evening was very tiring indeed...

And my reward for my hard labor? A fry or two. The child was not very generous!

Then this morning, Auntie Lynne arrived at the ungodly hour of 6.45am to take me hiking. Despite the early hour, I was thrilled to see her and to go and experience the great outdoors. We had a fabulous time as always with the whole hiking crew. As usual, my behaviour was impeccable! Afterwards, Auntie dropped me at home, and she went out with Mom and Dad for breakfast at the diner up the road. I was a bit peeved to be excluded...but I was rather exhausted and enjoyed a snooze.

When they came back, Auntie was having issues with her computer - so generous wire that I am, I gave her a lesson in computer maintenance and operation -- and didn't even charge her for my time or expertize. I figured I don't pay her for our hiking exploits, so I let it slide.

I am very pleased that Mom and Dad are off work tomorrow -- I just hope they won't put me to work! A dip in the fountain would be more like it....I've been three times this week...with Summer drawing to a close, I need to get in as many swims as I can...


PS Prayers to all my canine and feline buddies in Gustav's path...and humans too.