Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two Wires Nearby - You Out There Guys?

I sure hope Miss Amelia doesn't read this. She is my girlfriend of yore even though we've never really met in person - she lives all the way over in Washington state! But I noticed on my last blog entry that I received two messages, one from a sweet wiry gal named Bebe (pictured right) and one from a wiry pup of 5 months named Elliot. AND THEY BOTH LIVE IN PHILADELHIA!

I don't know who is more excited at the prospect of meeting TWO wires in Philly (and Elliot lives really near to us - we are in Fairmount, he is in Manayunk)- me or Mom. Mom has been known to run after people with wires...or even other terriers. Just last Thursday she was driving to work and saw a man with a Irish terrier. She promptly pulled up alongside them, got out of her car and began to chat and pet Bismark who is a handsome 9 year old Irish terrier. His owner was a bit shocked to be harassed by Mom - but Bismark welcomed the attention.

Anyway, so Mom is hoping that both Bebe and Elliot will revisit this blog and hear our plea to contact us so we can meet up or just exchange some information. Elliot's mom wanted to know who I go to for grooming for example. So please contact my Mom so she stops bugging me to write this blog entry. Email mom at editordan2002 at yahoo. By the way, Bebe has a blog - visit it at . In her latest entry she reports that her folks offered a 2 year old rescue wire a forever home with them and the America Fox Terrier Rescue turned them down saying 2 wires in one household is not a good idea. I disagree completely - I know of many households with multiple wires -- Mackie and Finn; Butchy and Snickers; Party and Mango and many others. Yes, sometimes bitches don't do well together, but a dog and bitch or two dogs seem to do just fine. I just pray the 2 year old Bebe talks about wasn't little Oscar the guy I told you about last week. I am sure he would have been very happy to live with Bebe - and I know I would have looked forward to welcoming him to Philadelphia!

Ok, I've done my duty, can I retire to the couch now Mom?

Oh, before I forget, wanted to tell you all to check out Pepper's new blog - it's cute! Boy Mom sure found that little guy a great home!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mother on the Rampage

Uh oh. Mom got her tits in a tangle yesterday!

Around 6pm, we went for our walk and it was very very hot, around 90F. Naturally Mom thought I'd enjoy a swim, so we walked towards our favorite fountain which you've all seen in pictures on my blog before. When we finally got to the fountain - quite a long walk - I jumped right in and dunked my head under the water again and again. Then mom sat down and dangled her feets in the water. And then suddenly, this mean lady dressed in black and white, with a gold shield on her bosom, marched over to us and ordered us out the fountain! She did the same to some children who were about to jump in too.

Mom demanded to know who had ordered her to order us out the fountain. She said it was the mean old Commissioner of Fairmount Park. She was quite apologetic, professed her love of canines etc, especially swimming canines, but said she had to do her job, that she was being watched by security surveillance cameras. Mom understood but she was steamed! I disobeyed the guard when she wasn't looking and jumped in and out a few times - that made mom grin.

Anyway, when we got home, I heard mom run up to my computer and hit those keys, all the time cursing under her breath. When she left this morning for work, I got on my computer and retrieved the email she sent...uh oh, she wrote to our local newspaper. Here is her letter:

June 27, 2007

Dear Editor,

So it's come to this...Policing of the fountains! Yesterday in the 85F heat, my dog Axel and I went for a walk in the evening along Kelly drive, to the Azalea Gardens and onwards past the Waterworks restaurant. Just past the restaurant, we were both delighted to come upon a fountain. Axel, being very fond of swimming, jumped right in, put his head under the water and jumped about in glee. Feeling hot myself, I sat down and dangled my feet in the cool water. Suddenly, a guard appeared out of nowhere, resplendent in a black and white uniform, shaking her hand at me and demanding that we both get out of the water. I asked her politely why we were not allowed to cool off in a public fountain - we have done this many times at the fountain at the top of the Art Museum stairs and on Eakins Oval and never been stopped before.

I was informed that she was employed by the city on behalf of the Commissioner of Fairmount Park and her orders were to stop man and beast from setting foot or paw in the fountains. She was quite apologetic, repeating that she was only doing her job and that she was being observed by the surrounding security cameras. While my dog and I stood there, a group of kids tried to jump in the fountain for some respite from the heat, and were also prevented from doing so.

Does the City of Philadelphia have nothing else to worry about that they now have to pay security guards to police fountains? Perhaps the Commissioner lives in the burbs and has a fabulous swimming pool but there are many city dwellers who don't enjoy that luxury. So why deprive us of a dip in a fountain? This is yet another example of the screwed up priorities of the City of Philadelphia.

Daniella Slon and Axel

Boy oh boy, she included me in her diatribe! And she sent them that photo of me and Austin in the fountain. Hope it doesn't lead to our arrest!!!


Monday, June 25, 2007

The Good Times Roll for Pepper

Is this not the picture of utter contentment?

Pepper plays tug with his sister and fellow Dashchund. Look at all those toys! Yikes, he is one lucky dog!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Update on Cuz Pepper

Good news! Today Pepper (featured in an earlier post) found his forever home. He now has two sisters - a beagle and another dashchund, AND 4 kitty siblings. How lucky can one get? He also has a big fenced in yard. In short, Pepper is happy and on his way to a wonderful new life.

His new mommy Christina sent me a photo to show my fans Pepper's new family. Looks like Pepper played all day and exhausted his new siblings.

Good luck Buddy - enjoy your new family.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Can you give Oscar a forever home?

There is a sweet-boy rescue dog currently on the American Fox Terrier Rescue site named Oscar. He is more or less my age - two. As with all of the dogs listed there, they have been without forever homes too long.

Oscar hails from an Amish puppy mill in Southern Indiana. He is a very solid dog considering his origins. His fosters have found him to be friendly, yet somewhat stoic since he had been in a less than ideal environment. Oscar is now being fostered in Michigan.

Mom says he looks a lot like I do - especially in the picture of him in the greenery.

You can find out more about Oscar by clicking here . You can also contact Rita at or 269-345-3023.

I think Oscar would be the perfect brother for me...but our landlords only allow ONE dog in our house.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Short, Short-Lived Cousin Pepper

Last night, Mom and Dad took me in the car to see my grandparents. When I got there, I was surprised to see a dog crate in the living room that smelled of puppy! But I couldn't see any pup immediately! Then the back door opened and this tiny little rat-like creature came bounding towards me. Upon closer sniff, I discovered it was indeed a dog and not a rat! Mom explained his name was Pepper and he was of the Daschund family. I had to really bend down to sniff his behind and he couldn't reach mine of course!

I tried to play with him but my aunt and grandparents were neurotic that I'd step on him and break his back! I mean really - relax humans - we're just playing! Pepper had a good spirit, he jumped up at me and tried to nip at me - but of course I just laughed 'cos he couldn't even reach my knees! The play was shortlived due to the neurosis!

Anyway, Pepper was a gift from my aunt to her Mom, but it turns out they may not want to keep him. Some big misunderstanding? Poor little guy. He hailed from Missouri (renowned for puppy mills) and was shipped to a petstore in Philly. Not a good beginning - but hopefully he has a bright future as aunt and Mom think they've found him a lovely new home with a family who has another Doxie and a Beagle. I will keep my paws crossed for him. Please do the same.


Monday, June 18, 2007

My Kingdom for a Pool!

As you all know, I love to swim. I love to put my head under the water. I like to dance about and get wet all over! But all I ever swim in is a fountain. I have yet to experience the joys of a swimming pool. But boy I did come close yesterday...

We were at Dad's sister's place - I saw my cousin Jakie - a 9 year old lab mix - to celebrate Father's day (not that I did anything for my Dad - but then again, being a discerning Wirey guy, I don't appreciate these crass, commercial holidays...). They have a HUGE yard, about the size of Fairmount Park! First I was happy to sniff the grass and go up and down the jungle gym...

But then, oh my, I spotted a POOL, a great big body of water - right in front of me...

Oh how I longed to jump in that cool water. I stared and stared, hoping I could copy that mind freak guy I see on TV and will the fences to dissolve. I tried, really I did. But there was no way to get through the two barricades to the heavenly pool that lay just beyond my reach. Oh sadness...

Then you get lucky lucky wires like my pal Chewie who has his own backyard pool and sent me this photo this morning. Man I envy Chewie - that is precisely what I would have done had I been able to tear through those darn fences!!!

Anyway, I will choose to believe that there is a pool somewhere in my future! Keep your paws crossed for me!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finnegan's Visit

Today was the big Commerce Bank Bike Race in Philly, right here, literally, in my back yard - in MY park. No-one checked with me whether it would be ok to take over MY park and fill it with people and thousands of bikes and blaring music! Anyway, I'm sorta glad it happened, 'cos if it wasn't for the race, I would never have met Finnegan Spielman - brother of the famous Mackie the Sock Eater who came all the way from Maryland with his Mom Melissa and Dad Steve! Finnegan is 9 months old, and he's quite a guy!

We met under a gazebo away from the noise - and we took an instant liking to each other after we both hopped up on the picnic table...

At one point, you could say we even exchanged kisses...

While the bike race was going on -

Mom and Dad chatted with Melissa...

And then Finn and I played about. Finn is not used to being off leash like I am - so we couldn't go totally bonkers running about - but we still got in some good play. Boy Finn plays rough - I enjoyed it thoroughly! My type of pal!

Soon the bike race ended, and we all walked back towards the Parkway. Guess what I spotted? A FOUNTAIN!! I had to go in of course and I was hoping Finn would join me. Once again, a guard blocked our way. But both Mom's did such a good job of begging to let us cool off, that she said OK!! I of course, ploughed right in - while Finn had to be gently pushed in. He didn't like it much...guess he's still young...stick around Finn, you'll end up loving it like I do.

On the way out the water, I noticed some scribbles on the bottom of the fountain. Luckily I think, I can't read!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to my new friend Finn...I love meeting other wiry pals - hope to meet Finn again soon - possibly at Montgomery!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Of Anniversaries and Noseless Pals

On Monday - June 4 - Mom and Dad celebrated their first wedding anniversary! Mazel tov! I had been looking forward to it because a layer of their wedding cake has been in our freezer for one whole year and Mom told Dad over and over that they were going to eat it on Monday. I expected my share too. But when it had been out a few hours defrosting, Mom opened up the tinfoil wrap and to her horror, saw whichever moron caterer had wrapped it after the wedding, had left the flowers on top. Real flowers with stemps pushed deep into the cake. Dad took one look and vowed he was not going to eat a morsel. Mom felt it would be bad luck, so she compromised and gave me a bite. It was just OK. Here you can see the monstrosity - which I might add, landed in the trashcan, one second after the pictorial evidence was taken...

In other exciting news...Mom came home with a big box today she'd collected from a mail depot. And out of the box, came a miniature ME with a name tag around his neck proclaiming him to be IKE. He is the famous wire from the Dear Mrs La Rue: Letters from an Obedience School book series - Mom bought the book too. I stole him out of Mom's hand and did a jig around the room. Mom let me enjoy Ike for a while until she noticed me trying to detach his nose.

Mom sat me down and explained that this was HER toy not MINE and I was not to destroy it. Yeah right Mom. Here I am pretending to be his friend, all the while devising a strategy for giving him a total rhinoplasty!!

Lastly, guess what I did yesterday morning? Besides giving Dad a heart attack, I dived into the Schukyll (who can spell that?) river because it's slimy and muddy, and you know I love to swim. Dad had to hoist me out by my lead which wasn't a pretty sight! He should know better than take me to tempting locations like river banks! I am not a paragon of self restraint!


Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Fountain of Life

Sorry I haven't written for a while. It's the parents' fault - they buggered off over Memorial Day weekend to some place called Miami and dumped me at my grandparents house. I thought we were just visiting; they took grandpa out for dinner and next thing I know, he comes back without them and I see them 3 days later! I don't see why I couldn't go with to Miami - I mean I had an okay time at the grandparents but I missed my pals and my long walks.

But you could say Mom and Dad are making up for it this week. Yesterday, we had such a blast. Around 5pm, Mom, Dad, Pris the dogwalker/neighbor/friend and Austin the lab, one of Pris's charges and I, jumped into Mom's car and drove to Kelly Drive. I just knew this was going to be some sort of awesome adventure.

We parked and Austin and I jumped out the car. After a short walk, I thought I glimpsed heaven - a big fountain full of water! I almost pulled Mom right over in my haste to dive right in (did I mention it was 90F?) - so good woman that she is, she unclipped my leash and off I went. SPLASH, into the fountain. By now Austin, who is quite a laid back old dude, got excited too, and plowed in. Pris who is always a very well equipped dogwalker, produced a tennis ball, and the game was ON! Austin and I ran after it and had a wild time:

At first, Austin had it....

But then I dive-bombed him from the side, and stole it away...

Then we wrestled for it.

After a while, Mom got hot, and also jumped in with us...

Austin could not remember the last time he'd had this much fun! And nor could I. I just love to swim!

I forgot to mention that in the midst of all our glee, two big women dressed in black uniforms came up to our humans and told them we were not allowed to swim in the fountain. I was going to bite them, but I thought better of it. And anyway, it was towards the end of our swimming. Mom assured Austin and I that no bitches were going to prevent us dogs from having our fun! And Mom lived up to her promise 'cos today we went back, this time with Wiley the bearded collie and Brody the Cairn terrier, and we swam and swam and ran around off leash - and no-one stopped us. In fact, many people stopped to look at us approvingly and remarked how wonderful it was to see such happy and humourous dogs! You should have seen Wiley with his long coat all wet, he looked as skinny as a tree branch!

Anyway, back to yesterday. After the guards stopped our fun, I had a drink from the doggy fountain - having a doggy fountain suggests to me that the place welcomes dogs, so why should we be banned from the fountain which is a step away from the drinking fountain?

Then it was time to go back to the car. Austin got towel dried but I didn't need to as my coat hardly absorbs water and it dries off quickly. And don't worry, I don't sit on Mom's lap when she drives, I was safely in the back with Austin!

Here's to many more swims in the fountain and ponds...I love to swim!!!