Monday, October 03, 2005

New Years Eve

On this, the eve of the Jewish New Year (that's me blowing the shofar or ram's horn above), I can declare that I am one clean dog! Let me explain. Yesterday morning, Dad took me for a walk in the park, and me and Bailey the Boxer, had great fun playing in the sand and left over picnic trash. When I got home, I hate to admit it, but I stunk. I couldn't cope being near myself! I think Mom and Dad felt the same way, as I was promptly dumped in the bathtub and given a thorough wash. I did escape once - I think it was after Dad called me a drowned rat - and I ran around the bathroom soaking wet and full of soap. As the door was closed, they caught me and back I went.

Later in the day, Mom, feeling very adventurous, decided to try a new dog park, so we drove to Northern Liberties Orianna Dog Park described in Mom's book as one of the nicest dogruns complete with woodchip surface, poop bags, water etc. When we got there however, there was not a woodchip in evidence, only lots of very dirty sand and dust. And a big water trough to drink from. There was a nice Sheba Inu pup there, and boy did we have a blast! Mom couldn't stop me of course - I dived straight into the trough, got all wet and then ran around in the sand and mud! I had a grand ol' time until a big boxer came and pissed on me! Can you believe it? He actually lifted his leg and peed on me! So not only was I black and sandy, I also reeked of piss! In true terrier spirit, Mom just laughed and told the other pet owners that I didn't need my cow costume, I could just go as a coal miner on Halloween! Good one Mom!

When I got home, it was back in the bath with me, and you should have seen the color of the water! I was totally pooped after that...I just collapsed on the couch with Mom and Dad who were watching that silly Desperate Housewives show! When Mom and Dad went up to bed, I again ran straight under it and hid in the middle of the bed where they couldn't get me! Haha, they gave up again and I slept crate free!!!

Finally, Mom wanted me to share with you an email she received from her cousin Annette in Australia. She wrote Mom the following:

Shit Dani, you're becoming more American than the Americans! You'll next be having bloody birthday parties with cake and jelly and popcorn for the mutts. You need to have a baby real soon me thinks!

Mom was pretty amused...she never did think she'd become "one of those Americans" but I've brought out the best in her! And hey Annette, don't go calling us mutts! We're highly pedigreed dogs! Oh and mom says to tell you, dogs are a lot cuter and much more fun than human babies!

Who am I to disagree?