Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sad News Day

Sorry I haven't written for 2 days...Mom was home 'cos it's another Jewish holiday - the festival of succoth! When Mom is home, I don't get to go near the computer!

I have to admit, I'm feeling a little down in the dumps today. I should stop reading the newspapers over breakfast, I wish I wasn't such a media hound. Whoever said it was a dog's life, probably doesn't read the daily canine news. Just this morning, I had to read about Dogs Used as Shark Bait on French Island; Rabid skunk bites dog, which must be destroyed; Woman Found Guilty Of Setting Dog On Fire, Killing Children; Dog tied to tracks spared from train...
I just can't take it. How could anyone use a LIVE dog as shark bait or set a dog on fire or tie it to railway tracks? Sometimes I really despair of the human condition. I thank God everyday that I am part of such a loving, caring family.

Anyway, time for us to cheer up...Halloween is nearly upon us which means more scarecrows to attack and hopefully some trick and treating to be done! The Savage family sent me this adorable picture of Woody and his mom Alexandra sporting their jumperz from Aunty Brenda, against their scary Halloween backdrop - now this is something to smile about:

I have made a new discovery. It is more fun sleeping ON the bed then under it. My latest trend is to start off sleeping under the bed, but then around 2a.m. I wake up Mom or Dad by jumping up next to their side of the bed until they lift me up and I snuggle between them for the rest of the night. Mom and Dad seem to enjoy it too, especially now that it's cold - they lovingly refer to me as their living electric blankie.

Yesterday I was very busy. Dad took me to Lemon Hill park where I met up with my two best friends Swoop (shepard mix) and Bailey (boxer) and we ran and ran and had a jolly good time except that I was drawn to a burr bush and emerged, much to Dad's horror, encrusted in those nasty prickly things. I then had to suffer through an hour of hair pulling to get them out! Later, Mom took me to the dog run to meet a new puppy Sam who we'd met via Craigslist. Sam is a tiny little guy and frankly I felt like a great dane by comparison. I tried to play with him, but he was too little and he started freaking out, so I thought, screw this, and went to play in the big dog run with the real dogs!


PS Some person in Oregon won the $340 million Powerball last night - so once again my philanthropic ideals have been squashed. I hope this winner will use his/her winnings to improve our world.