Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Please don't do this to me Mom!

Oh G-d!

"A bride has said she chose her pet dogs to accompany her down the aisle as they had never let her down. There was not a dog collar in sight as the six pugs turned up in full bridal attire to the ceremony in Cumbria.
Guests at Carlisle register office were stunned to see Dianne Johnston's pedigree chums accompany her and husband-to-be Andrew.
The pets - four bitches and two dogs - were regaled in made-to-measure dresses and top hat and tails. "

Mom and Dad are getting married in June 2006 at a Country Club and I know they plan to include me in the ceremony as the ring bearer - but I would not be seen DEAD in a top hat and tails. Pugs are ugly enough as it is, but dressed like that they look like complete idiots!

Mom and Dad, if you do that to me, I promise you I will take off down the golf course with the rings and never come back! Grrr.


Double Trouble

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Who is the fairest of them all?

Why it is YOU dear Axel, YOU!!


So Many Four-Legged Friends

I keep "meeting" all these amazing wires and other four-legged friends online.
Hailing all the way from Marysville, Washington - which according to my research is "situated near picturesque mountains, lakes, rivers and the Puget Sound, on the north crescent of the fertile Snohomish River Delta." It is also known as "The Strawberry City." I wonder why?

So there amongst the strawberries live the Savage hounds - Woody and Amelia who are 7 year old siblings (pictured below right with their human dad Philip and in the foreground, left). Poor Woody and Amelia aren't well at the moment, so please join me in wishing them well! They also live with Alexandra, their mom and Beau who is not a wire, but we still love him! Next to Alexandra, standing on the plank, is Sir Dagwood of Bumstead who passed on earlier this year.

Nearer to us here in Philly, are Niall, Tessa and Ruffles who live in Middletown, New Jersey with their mom Barbara. Niall (pictured below in the center) is named after an Irish King who was active early-to-mid 5th century. He is said to have made raids on the coastlines of Britannia and Gaul: these raids are usually credited with bringing Saint Patrick to Ireland as a boy. So say thanks to Niall for bringing us St. Patrick's Day - a day on which Tilly I'm sure, has an extra swig of beer! Tessa (pictured left) is a 9-year old gal and Ruffles (right) is a Jack Russel who works as a therapy dog!

And then there is the incorrigable Pippin - that bee-loving canine, who lives with his sister Maggie, and human mom Pat (the poor whench who got stung last week!). Below is a picture of the siblings, with Pippin having a grand ol' time belly-up. He is a funny fella!