Thursday, November 03, 2005

Confounding is Fun!

You know what I really enjoy doing? Confounding my poor parents! Last night, just for the heck of it, I slept in my crate. Now Mom and Dad are trying to figure out what's up with me, haha - like why would I voluntarily sleep in my crate (with the door open) when I could quite easily sleep in the bed with them? This is such fun!

I want to introduce a new friend -- his name is Jax and he divides his time between Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 'cos his Dad works in both places. Must be fun to move around like that me thinks. Jax is 3 years old and loves chew toys (and can even destroy Kongs if they are around for a long time), walkies, all medium and small dogs and all Airedales (?!), and people. I like his beard!

He sounds like my sort of dude, though I have never taken to Kong toys unless they are slathered with liver paste. I also don't think I've ever met an Airdale...but I sure would like to!

Take Me Home - Part II

Yesterday I was thrilled to announce that little Asta found a wonderful home and left the shelter forever. I now want to tell you about 4 purebred wire haired fox terriers that were found abandoned, 3 males and one female. They seem to range in age from 2-5 yrs old, pictured are 2 of the males, Fred and Fritz, the other 2 not pictured are Daphne and Duffy. Since the pics were taken, they have beem groomed, Fred is pictured after his grooming above right. They are currently residing at the Humane Society of Middletown, New York. If you want to take one of these sweeties home, please email or call (845) 361-1861.
Fritz, Fred, Daphne and Duffy - here's hoping you find forever homes soon!