Friday, May 23, 2008

Appeal From Mother

I, Axel G Chocholoza, 3 years, 33lbs - am generously and without malice turning my blog over to my Mom tonight as she has a special appeal. Never mind that she is abandoning me for a week....grrrrrrrrrr.

Hi Everyone!
Dani here. Thank you Axel for allowing me a few lines on your precious blog. Now go away and stop breathing down my toes...

So, today I spontaneously decided to fly to London on Sunday as my Mom, aunt, uncle and cousins are there for a week and after seeing photos of all of them together, decided to join them! I am very excited.
My appeal tonight goes out to any wire reader living in London! Whenever I travel, I always like to visit a wire - so if any of you are out there and don't live too far from Stanmore - please email me at editordan2002 at yahoo. I always get wire withdrawl when I travel, so I would love to meet a British wire!

Thanks, and now back to Axel.

I am too pissed off that you are leaving me for a week. I have nothing to say.