Friday, February 17, 2006

Bad Dog

Well, if the pic doesn't say it all, I'll admit it. I have been a very bad boy. Can I play the instinct card? I don't mean to be bad, it just occurs naturally! It's genetic for god sakes! So why do Mom and Dad have a cow?

This is what happened. Last night, after my late night walk, around 10 PM, Dad took the trash out for collection early Friday. At first, he was careful to secure the door, but when he went out a second time with the recycling, I was overcome by a desire to escape, and out the door I bolted! Now, my wiry pals, I'm sure you'll all agree, that the best night to roam, is trash night! So I ran up the street and went from trash pile to trash pile sampling the tasty delights or having a jolly good sniff. Dad was tired and grouchy. He told me to get in the house. I didnt' hear him. Really. I didn't. I was too mesmerized by the reeking garbage piles. As soon as Dad got close, I barked and ran in the opposite direction.

After about 10 minutes of this fun, Mom emerged in her pjs and slippers to help Dad catch me. Man, playing with both my parents is even more fun. One ran in one direction, the other in the opposite, trying to catch me in the middle - but I am way faster than they are, poor old geezers! Dad's ire was increasing, Mom screamed at me (but I could tell she was amused as usual), and I kept running away...Oh, it was such a fun time.

After at least 40 minutes, I was at the other end of our street, with Dad in pursuit. And then Mom drove up in her car! Woohoo, thought I, we're going for a ride to the dog run? She opened her door and called me in the sweetest voice, "Come on little guy, let's go for a ride!"

I fell for it. Mom is smart. I jumped inside in a state of glee.

"Heh heh," said Mom, "You're caught now bad boy!"

My heart sank. Dad came to the car, put my leash on, and yanked me into the house. Both the parents agreed to put me in prison immediately (damn crate) and that is where I remained for the rest of the night.

But you know was worth it! I'd do it all over again (and probably will) in a nano-second!

But if you think I'm bad - check out these dogs! Their behavior makes me look positively ANGELIC.

Have a great weekend. We're in for a big freeze here. Eek.