Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Very Special Birthday

Ah how swell it is to have a birthday! Hello everyone, I am now 2 years old, and I'd like to tell you about the special day I had!

When I woke up this morning, Mom and Dad gave me a new toy - a red Loofa dog dressed up in patiotic colors. Unfortunately the pic isn't great as I was distracted...but I sure dig this gift, it has a unique squeak that sounds more like a grumble. I also got two packages of Dingoes - little ones and donut shaped ones...but alas I couldn't have them all at once, I only got one to chew. Mom told me the big packet of Dingoes were a gift from Miss Amelia - wow, what a groovy chick she is. Thanks darling!

I had my usual walk this morning and my walk with P, my favorite dogwalker and then Mom came home and took me to the park after giving me lots of liver treats and burnt hotdogs (I love them - mom slices turkey or chicken dogs and frazzles them in the microwave for 12 minutes. Yummy).

At the park, I saw many friends:

And greeted old friends including Harry the big Spaniel looking thing (here we are drinking rain water from a tree) and Brody, the Cairn, one of my best buds:

I also chased Maggie and Mom had a hard time getting a photo of us in the same frame becos Maggie runs so darn fast! Can you see me? And yes I know it looks a bit scary - that we seem near cars and traffic, but really we know not to go off the grass. Ever.

I met a new friend today, a Boston Terrier/Pitbull pup, but I didn't catch his name:

Mostly I sat on the green green grass and just enjoyed being outside on my special day:

And I also ran about of course - an older dog needs his exercise!

On the way home, we ran into Dozer-Fenway (his mom gave him a new name, but I still think of him as Dozer, Gracie's little bro). He is the same size as me now and we love to wrestle. They leave Philly on Wednesday...boy that will be a sad day:

And the fun didn't end there. For dinner tonite I got TWO juicy beef ribs and I got to eat it on the couch! Wow. Usually I have to eat them on the floor, on a towel... Mom must have lost touch with her senses...

At the end of the day, I was pretty worn out from playing and chewing (2 ribs, 2 Dingoes, one hoof)- so I hit my fave spot a-top the sofa, and chilled.

I sure do like birthdays. And I sure am a lucky guy.