Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More Tricked than Treated!

Boy, last night was exciting! Every few minutes there were loud knocks at the door - Dad would lunge for me, Mom would open the door and there would be all these strange creatures outside holding out bags into which Mom dished out candy! This went on for some time! Then Mom dressed me in my Cow costume and we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Everyone laughed at me! I didn't really mind, I still looked better than the pug in the Eagles Tshirt with devil horns! (Personally, I don't think Pugs even need to dress up to look funny!)

I got a bit pissed off that everyone was getting candy except me, so when we returned from our walk, I jumped up by the diningroom table and managed to overturn the whole candy dish onto the floor! Heh heh, Mom and Dad forget how big I've grown. I grabbed a mini Snickers and then ran behind the VCR hoping Mom and Dad wouldn't find me! I figured if I couldn't see them since my head was inside the entertainment unit, they couldn't see me, and I felt very clever! But Alas, they grabbed my butt and wrenched the candy from my jaws, and that was that. Dad then tried to appease me by giving me the WRAPPER sans the chocolate. Gee thanks Dad...that's really gonna do it for me! Not.

I got a great email from my smooth foxie friend Huckleberry - he told me he had seen the pics of me playing with my pal the Golden Retriever, and wanted to share a pic of himself and his best friend Max, also a Golden. What a cool pic Huck! They look like they're having a blast!

Being the frustrated philanthropist that I am, I am going to introduce a new feature on my blog called "Take Me Home!" It is sad but true, that there are many Wires and Smoothies out there looking for forever homes. I thought that perhaps by featuring these sweet souls on my blog I can maybe find a nice human out there willing to adopt them. So I'd like to introduce you to little Asta, currently residing at the Huntington Animal Shelter (Huntington, New York) . She is about 5 years old, passed her behavior test with flying colors, is spayed and vaccinated and just dying to find a family to love. Anyone interested, can email etory@metlife.com, or call 631-261-0767.

Heres wishing everyone a happy November! Hmmm, is that turkey I smell??