Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two Revelations

Revelation #1:
I tried one of those tuna flavored dog treats by Cordog Bleu and ...I quite liked it! I ate the whole thing! Mom was shocked I tell you, shocked!

Revelation #2:
It is difficult to be a social butterfly when one's Mother is an idiot.
Mom has been going on all week about the Grand Opening of the Doggy Style Boutique in downtown Philadelphia. The owner of the two stores has a Wire named Lucy and Mom has been yakking all week about us going to meet her at the Opening, today, Thursday.
So Mom rushed back from work and shlepped me, in the pouring rain and rush hour traffic, to downtown...after what seemed like ages in the stop and start traffic, we finally, and most miraculously, found a parking spot one block from the store! We get out, enter the store....and there is NO other dog or human there, just the saleslady.
Mom asks, "Isn't it your grand opening event today?"
Lady replies, "oh no, that was YESTERDAY! IT WAS A FABULOUS TIME!"

Mom turns bright red and drags me out the store.
She tried to make it up to us both by taking me to Rittenhouse Square Park. I had a swim and then we both got caught in a torrential downpour and ran back to the car. We both looked like drowned rats by the time we got into our car.

So there you have it. No Lucy. No grand opening. Just a silly Mother and too much rain.


PS If this doesn't prove my Mom is an idiot, then perhaps the fact that she has decided to watch the premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands tonite will put all doubters to rest.