Friday, July 29, 2005

Who Smashed Dad's Car?

Mom and Dad are very upset today. It seems some horrid human smashed into Dad's brand new SUV while it was parked overnight a few meters from our house. The whole right side is smashed in - what a mess. Now the car is gone for a week and Dad has to rent one so he can continue to work. They just paid a shitload to get me, and now they have to pay a $500 deductible eventhough this was none of their fault! I hope they don't think about giving me back for a refund to pay for this, EEK!

Tomorrow I believe I have to go to the vet for shots. Mom has to take some of my poop along for the doctor - how completely embarracing!!

Hey, I think I might be in love - her name is Moira and she's from Mississippi! Ain't she cute?

Yesterday I was so naughty - I pooped behind dad's computer, all over the cables when mom was doing work on her computer. Poor mom, she was so relaxed cos I'd just made a big poop outside...even I was surprised when the urge struck me again. Mom did not look happy as she spent about 10 minutes cleaning wires and muttering, 'devil dog' under her breath.