Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Very Sad Day

Mom received very sad news this morning from South Africa. Her beloved Aunty Jo passed away suddenly after undergoing surgery on Wednesday. Aunty Jo is my Granny's younger sister, she was only 66. Granny is the oldest of three sisters and they are all very very close. Mom spent a lot of her day crying and thinking about the wonderful memories she has of her special Aunt. Mostly she missed being at home with her parents and family so she could share in the grieving process. It is very hard to be so far away on dreadful days like today.

I did what I could to comfort Mom. Whereever she sat, I sat next to her or on her lap. I knew something was wrong. I kept watch all day and barely barked 'cos I sensed it wasn't the right thing to do. Dad called me a sensitive fellow, Mom agreed and told me that she was grateful for my love. She also told me stories about Aunty Jo. I did have the honor of meeting this fine woman when she shlepped to Mom and Dad's wedding almost 2 years ago. That picture was taken after the wedding when the family went to NY for the day. That is granny (left), Jo (right), 3rd sister Flo is in the back behind the bald guy at right (Uncle Dave, Flo's hubby) and cousin Neil (Flo's son). Looking back, Mom sure is glad she got to do NY with her beloved family.

Mom told me that Aunty Jo was the most giving, kind person ever. She never forgot a birthday or anniversary, she was always there for her friends and family and just gave, gave, gave all the time. This made me remember that she gave me a gift when she met me, so I guess this is all true. Mom told me that Aunty Jo was so creative - she wrote poems and songs, and when she had family over for dinner, she spent hours making special nicknacks to decorate the tables - flowers out of special paper and pipe cleaners for example. [That picture at right is of one of her table settings last September. The photo is lousy, but you can get an idea of her talents - Mom got teary looking at the fried sole on the plates...nothing quite like Aunty Jo's fried fish.]

She was also full of fun - loved to tell jokes, and always joked about putting off the housework, especially defrosting the freezer. Mom and Aunty Jo kept in touch often via email and in their last email Monday, looked forward to being in touch when she got home from the hospital. But it wasn't to be...

Rest in peace darling Aunty Jo. You will forever be remembered and missed.

AGC and My Sad Mommy