Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Weird Stuff Out My Tochus

Boy, sorry I never came back to blog last night, I was too pooped. Actually, a good pun there, I was totally constipated yesterday after chewing up Mom's curling brush handle. When Mom took me on my walk around 5 PM, I tried to poop, but it wouldn't come out so Mom had to make a grab for it through the poop bag. I was ever so grateful, but confused when I heard her mutter, "Geez Axel, no wonder you are backed up, half my hairbrush came out of your tochus!" (Tochus means backside in Yiddish I believe)

After that huge relief, I came across a dead squirrel! Mom didn't see it at first, but when she did she gasped and tugged at my leash. I tugged back and sunk my teeth into the dead rodent. Mom screamed - I swear for a second I thought I'd bitten her by mistake and not the squirrel! Well, Mom yanked me away and off we went. What a shame, I would really have liked to roll on the squirrel for a bit, that's my favorite thing to do when I spot a dead thing!

Unfortunately Chanukah ended on Sunday night - I sure miss those dancing candles. I got a cute photo my pal Gimlet celebrating her own latke fest and I had to share it. I love your kitchen cupboards Gimlet - did you paint those yourself? (Sorry for mixing up your gender earlier - thanks to Jennie and Terence for correcting me!)

I also received many photos of my friends who are so lucky to have big families. As you know, I am an only dog - sometimes I wish I had a sister or brother - but other times I'm not so sure I'd want to share my Mom and Dad or my toys. I'd also get half the amount of table scraps I guess.

Anway, check out my pals Danny, Suzie and Molly who live with their parents Joan and John in SE Ohio. Have you ever seen happier, snugglier looking wires? Mom and Dad always marvel at the people who have more than one Wire...I don't know why? I couldn't think of anything better if I was a human!

Then meet Ciara and Simon who belong to Tom and live near some desert...I'm not sure where. I wonder if they know Snoopy's cousin Spike? The picture on the right is a funny before and after pic of Simon after a run through the desert! Looks like my kind of dirty fun!

Some wires have siblings who are NOT wires, but other breeds. They seem to get along pretty well nevertheless! So here (left) are Buddy Wiser and Sweat Tea. And on the right are Ivy the Wire, and Olive who is a Welsh terrier. They look like mini Airdales! Mom always says she'd like a Welsh to match her own coloring!

I have a new trick that is freaking out Mom and Dad. I like to jump up on the coffee table and just stare at them and grin. They usually yell, "OFF" and I just pretend I am deaf and grin at them. I love toying with them! Tee hee!