Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh no, Bath time?

The vet gave Mom and Dad special anti-itching shampoo, so they decided to test it out on me today, their helpless guineapig! The minute I heard the bath running in mid afternoon, I just knew what it meant, so I stayed downstairs. But then Dad started making all these eating noises and repeating my favorite words, "snack" and "treat" and gourmand that I am, I fell for it, and went up to investigate.

Once they had me in the bathroom, I still thought I could prevent them from catching me. So I crawled between the tub and the inner wall...

But my luck ran out! Dad managed to drag me out, and the rest is history. Bath. Shampoo. Not much fun, even for me, a dog who usually LOVES water. But as I tried to explain when I was hunkered down behind the tub, bathing and swimming are two different things!!!

When it was all over, I was hoisted out looking like a wet (thinner) rat. Oh I am ashamed to show you this photo. I look like a candidate for the Ugly Dog Contest!

After shaking in the shower, running about and rolling on towels, I jumped on the bed and relaxed while Mom blow dryed me. Ah, I do like that warm machine.

I heard Mom tell Dad that I was in for another bath on Thursday, the night before I go on vacation to Ricky Pepper's house!! I'm sure Ricky Pepper wouldn't care one way or the other if I smelt like roses or poopie! Grrr, parents...I'm looking forward to 2.5 weeks of peace away from them!!! heh heh.