Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am thrilled to announce that Mom now has her own blog - finally (hopefully) she will leave me alone and stop trying to hijack my blog!

Mom will be a senior writer on the very hip dog blog called The Swanky Pup. She will be testing and reviewing various dog products along with a team of other writers. Of course, I am psyched because I get to be the beneficiary of the products she gets to review.
Oh wait a minute...what if I have to try on silly designer dog clothes? Or silly bow-ties? Oh geez, remind me to tell Mom to only solicit treats and toys to review!!!
Please support Mom's new gig - it is a very cool site even if I say so myself. I like the design and the founders are cool women who do a lot for dog rescue and adoption. And as an extra incentive - of course I will be featured frequently!
Oh, Mom says to tell you...if you have any products you love that you think should be featured, please email her!