Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Excitement Comes in Threes!!!

Wow, three things to look forward to this week!

1. Thursday is ThanksGiving and I hear that this is the day on which Americans kill and eat lots of turkeys! As I told you yesterday, I had my first taste of turkey when I managed to grab Mom's hoagie off the kitchen counter. And it was yummy! So the thought of getting more of this tasty bird is very exciting indeed. I heard Mom mumble something about "at least turkey might make him sleepy.." - something about a funny word sounding like "L-tryptophan". Why Mom would want me to be sleepy I don't know...I thought she enjoyed my exuberance! Hmmph!

2. I was watching the 11 PM news last night, and meteorologist (a silly grand human name for weatherman) Hurricane Schwartz (what an odd name for a nice Jewish boy!) said we may get snow on Thursday! I keep hearing what fun snow is, that it's fun to eat and play in, and I can't wait to see it! I got some awesome photos from my pal Banba from last winter. Check her out in the snow, all decked out in coat and snow shoes mowing through the drifts! Man, that looks like such fun!!!

My NY pal Jeeves by contrast, doesn't look like he's having too much fun being dressed up in his Mom Amy's teddybear jersey! Just look at the pain and humilation in those eyes. Honestly Amy, what were you thinking?! Jeeves is a humble canine, not a stuffed toy! Right buddy?

3. Wait for this...on Sunday, I'm going to have a reunion with my biological Mom and Dad and my sister! We're going to my breeder's house where I was born! Bob the breeder said he can't wait to see me and how I turned out! Bet he'll be impressed, I'm one good looking dude. Of course, the real reason we're going alas, is for Mom and Dad (human) to have a hand stripping lesson. Yuck! Not looking so forward to that part!

I have a new pal to introduce to everyone. His name is Otto, but his full name cracks me up - it's Grand Theft Otto! To look at his face you'd never think him a thief or anything, he looks positively angelic and sweet. When Mom saw the picture, I swear I saw her melt like a Dairy Queen ice cream on a humid day! Got a stab of jealousy! Little Otto is four months old and lives with his Mom Michaela in Phoenix, Arizona. Poor Otto, guess he won't be seeing any of the white stuff!! Cactii more likely.

Mom told me she is going to visit her old South African buddy in New York after Thankgiving for the weekend, and she's not taking me with! Bugger! She also told me she's shutting down the computer on Wednesday, so I guess no blogging for me until Sunday! Double bugger!


PS A note of sad news. The dog who holds the Ugly Dog title passed away yesterday...I featured him on my blog a while back. Poor Sam is was one hideous creature, but he was someone's best and loyal friend. Rest in peace Sammy!