Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I looked in the mirror today, and I can say with brutal honesty that my eyes are NOT pink. Pink is for sissies or for bitches. My eyes look brown/black and very masculine. So I can't understand why Mom and Dad keep harrassing me and chasing me around the living room with this tiny tube of ointment. Last night Dad wrestled me to the couch and tried to hold my jaws shut as Mom attempted to squeeze that foul stuff into my eyes. I fought valiantly - but alas, lost the battle.

This morning, Dad left early for work, so poor Mom tried to add the ointment herself. She tried to grab me by the collar, but it snapped! haha! We then played chase around the coffee table, and I barked my head off at her. She kept pleading with me to let her help me fix my eyes, but I wasn't buying that thank you very much! Mom left for work in a huff...I guess tonight she'll make Dad help her!

Anyway, enough about my's time again for our important installment, "Take Me Home!"
Today we have two cute wires looking for forever homes in the southern CA area. First up is Rags (left), a 5 1/2 yr old, neutered male. His senior owner died and left him homeless. This is a happy, outgoing boy that loves to play and be the center of things. If you can help Rags, please contact Ruth at: 805-386-3757 or email at: Pictured right is Kerry, a purebred, delightful little fellow - he's friendly and bouncy, playful and sweet. Just adorable, and ready for the loving home he deserves! For more info, please call 818-340-1687/1186.

I heard that on Saturday is something called New Year's Eve - the beginning of a whole new year. How exciting! Next year Mom and Dad are getting married - enough of this shacking up business if you ask me. But then I am a being of high moral fiber.

It's another yucky day in Philly today, rain and more rain...I better still get my evening walk!