Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Of Dogs & Bitches...

Before I get into today's post, I want to send a big, slobberly kiss and thank you to Petsmart Charities who sent a very generous check to the SPCA in Montreal for the care of the Blainville Wires. Mom got a call from Elizabeth Pierce last night while she was soaking in the tub, and I heard her scream! I got a fright, thought maybe she'd been attacked by something - but thankfully it turned out to be a happy shriek as she heard the news from Montreal! So on behalf of all canines the world over - three cheers for Petsmart!!!

And more good news this morning from my friend Cheryl who has been looking after the 5 Missouri Wire puppy mill rescues! They are doing great! If you remember, I posted the disturbing pictures of these poor abused souls a while back. Well, now you can see how well they have recovered with the outstanding love and veterinary care they have received. Click here to see the amazing transformations of Star, Nora, Little Smirk, Tres and Charity. Made my wiry little heart sing all day!

Well, with Chrismukkah only days away, the cards and festive photos just keep pouring in. It seems everyone and his uncle wants the privilege of being featured on my blog! And who can blame them?

Here is my lovely card from Adrienne and Huckleberry, the smooth jester:

Some of my friends sure are creative and witty. Just look at these funny cards. The first one is from Jo and her gang Esme, Flynn and Snoopz dressed up as the Three Wise Men; and the second is from humans Jill & Mark, with their terrier troup - Libby, Bamboozle, Linus (Airdale) and Mathilda (Scottie). Man I wish my Mom was that clever!

Onwards to our wee fashion segment I like to call, Wires in Weird Threads. Take a look at Snickers (left) in her bright pink snow suit. It almost made me wet myself, but it wasn't worth the effort of having to get off the computer chair and lift my leg! Pictured right is her bro Butchy sporting a purple sweater. My coat is due to arrive any day now, so perhaps I shouldn't make fun of my pals, God only knows how goofy I will look in my new attire!

I got an email from Canadian pal Dean-o, to take exception at my anti-feline comments. It seems, horrors, he lives quite happily with one of those creatures by the name of La Petite Maudite. I am heartened by your testimony Dean-o, but I'm not sure I'd like to share my couch with a cat! Her food might be a different story - I am pretty partial to tuna! By the way, Dean-o wants you to know that he was having a very bad hair day when this picture was taken. Tres evident mon ami - as they'd say in Montreal?

From Canada to South America, I have two new friends to introduce - a mom and daughter act named Chelsea and Milu. I am still hoping to learn more about them and where they live stay tuned. In the meantime, just look at this duo of gorgeous Wires:

Finally, I want to take issue with something that has irked me for ages! Why do humans use our species as a put down or worse, a terrible insult! Take this headline for example in today's news: Saddam co-defendant calls witness a lying dog. Now I ask you friends, is that fair? Should it not be the greatest compliment to call a human a dog? Humans should aspire to be more like us - we are loyal, kind and our mission in life is to give and serve! Our female counterparts don't have it much easier with bitch being the ultimate insult for a woman. Can somebody explain this conundrum to me. I just don't get it, damn it!


PS My wiry thoughts and prayers go out to Woody who isn't feeling well of late. Miss Amelia, his sister, I ask you to give him hugs for us, okay?