Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Creative Irritants

I have a new behavior I concocted to drive Mom nuts. Heh heh.

When she takes me for a walk now, I insist on running up and down the stairs of every house like Wee Willy Winkie...She gets pretty irritated, it is most amusing! My aim is to come up with some new irritating behavior every week at least.

Did I tell you that I had my neutering vet check up a few days ago? So the vet lady asked Mom and Dad, how is he healing. Mom said she really didn't know as she didn't know how my groin area was supposed to look. So the vet lady whips out a pad and pen and starts sketching my penis and balls and shows Mom how they commit a neutering. An artist she was not....but Dad looked embarrassed!

The weather has turned foul again...it's so unfair of G-d to give us a beautiful day like yesterday and then a horrid one like today. I't's cold and wet!

And now for a joke: What do you call a cold dog on a rabbit?
Answer: A chilli dog on a bun!

I hear Mom making dinner...I need to run downstairs and beg...