Friday, February 03, 2006

An Expensive Bath

Boy, the battle of the bitches is reaching fever pitch! Just when we thought Daisy had proven her ardor and belief in the Steelers, along comes Alexandra with this piece of fandom:

I have to wonder how she got up there, I suspect Daddy Phillip threw her on top of the church sign in a Seahawk cheer! Here dear readers we see the epitome of America in the flesh: Sports and Religion - the fuel that drives the nation. Let's face it, with the current fuel prices, what else is going to do the job?

I wonder what counterstrike Daisy will engineer. Hmm, perhaps herself donned in a Papal Steelers robe? Daisy standing in Mecca in full Steelers regalia. (Maybe not, I'd hate her to get crushed in one of those Hajjs). Drape the Western Wall in a Steeler's Dirty Towel (bordering on sacreligious!) ?She has but one day to come up with her rebuttal, or I fear the Seahawks with Alexandra and Miss Amelia cheering them on, might just take the Bowl!

Speaking of Bowls - I had a request from Mackie to add another tasty treat to my SuperBowl Extra Large - a few chewable socks. You got it buddy! And I know you never asked, but because I dig you and your blog - I'm even going to throw in a dead squirrel, a real stinky one like the one your Dad confiscated last year. I'm such a generous fella, that I'm even going to share my Bowl with you!

I have a new friend to introduce who cares more for golf than for football, at least that is what he tells me. "My name's Bogie because we live on a golf course in NW Illinois." Not sure I get the connection. I think Golf would be second on my most boring sport list after football. Grown men whacking defenseless balls into sand and water and holes? And all that walking and shlepping in between. And they call it a sport?

Anyway, Bogie is 6 months old, and also had his own balls whacked off recently. He also had his first "stripping" session. Poor guy, stripping can be a bit painful, but I love it when Mom rakes me with the stripping tool and pulls out bundles of my hair (and then I try to eat it!) Welcome aboard Bogie man! The pic on the left is Bogie post strip, and on the right, Bogie as a wee pup.

I can hear Mom shaking the box of matches - that is my cue to run down stairs and partake in the lighting of the shabbat candles. But before I go, I wanted to tell you Mom got me washed professionally today 'cos this morning I rolled in mud, and Mom couldn't face washing me alone - so off I went rather begrudgingly. I came out smelling glorious and looking so wonderful, some lady mistook me for a SCOTTISH terrier. She must have been blind of loony! Mom laughed right in her face! That was after wincing at the grooming bill - $36 for a wash! Mom pays less for her own wash AND haircut. I have a feeling I won't be going back there again. Heh heh.