Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Eve of the Mighty Bowl

Bzzzzz Bzzzz - I am a Wire on a Buzz my friends! I'm a Wire on Fire. A Dog in a Fog. A Manic Caninic. I exceeded all bounds of naughtiness today. I managed to open Mom's purse when she was napping and boy did I hit the jackpot! A chocolate caramel pecan brownie! Just lying there in plastic casing with my name written all over it. After I polished that off, I ate Mom's lipstick and half her black eyeliner - but their taste paled in comparison to the brownie.

Mom had a cadenza when she came downstairs. I've never heard her yell like that before. I had to take cover under the table - she was that postal! By that time, the brownie was in my tum and the sugar buzz had begun, so although I wanted to be good, I just couldn't be! Suffice as to say (I'll spare you all the Mommy Dearest moments), I was bad and Mom was MAD!

Poor deluded Mom thought a walk would calm me down. Well, I was taking a poop when the turd got Mom in all her goodness, kneeled down, hand in poop bag to help extricate the poop from my bum. I don't dig having a hand near my rear end, so I bolted, forgetting Mom was tethered to me. She kind of landed on her belly, in the mud, scraped knees and all. It's a good thing we dogs laugh internally 'cos Mom was now livid - the accumulation of the days events I guess. I've never seen her so glad to see Dad when he walked through the door. I believe she said, "Here, take him, or I'm going to stangle the bugger."

Anyway, on to more imporant things, tomorrow is the Superbowl. As predicted, Daisy did offer a comeback to Alexandra's awesome display of SeaHawk fandom. Here she is decked out head to paw in Steeler gear:

Nice try Daisy!

But the ever clever Savage gals, Alexandra and Miss Amelia, have recruited CoCo, son of Pat, to their pro SeaHawks team. The lengths these girls will go! Check out CoCo's Seahawk hat and jumper! The hat makes you look a bit dorkish mate...CoCo wrote to me that, "We have been invited to a Super Bowl overnight party. I'm pretty excited as I will get to play with my brother Jake. We have to get busy now and make him a jumper to wear. I'm also bringing the Bloody Mary's whatever that is." A party! Lucky you dude - any bitches invited? Could Bloody Mary be a bitch? She doesn't sound too attractive - much as I dig the reek of a bitch on heat, I think I'd pass on this one. Why don't you invite Alexandra and Miss Amelia instead?

So I're all waiting for my prediction. My prediction, alas, is that if I don't back the SeaHawks, Miss Amelia will rip my heart out with those talons of hers. I know, I sound like a bitch-whipped wuss...but what can a guy do? Miss Amelia's prediction is SeaHawks 27; Steelers 20. I'll go one better. SeaHawks 36; Steelers -15.

Ok, I can't type anymore, this buzz is killing me. I gotta run downstairs and cause more havoc! Good luck everyone - May the best team win.
Miss Amelia's team that is.