Friday, December 15, 2006

Dirty Dog

I'm a dirty, dirty dog. I look like a scruff muffin. Later, I am going to get groomed, so stick around for the AFTER photo...

I see I got tagged by Gus to tell you 3 things I want for Hanukkah and 3 things I really don't want:

I want...

1. End to puppy mills, animal abuse and homeless dogs (my philanthropic wish)
2. A Dingo chew the size of the Empire State Building (though how will it fit in my house?) (My greedy wish)
3. A new house big enough to accommodate #2, with a big yard and no horrible nameless neighbor who complains about my barking. (My greatest wish!)

What I really don't want:
1. More visits from Animal Control or the Police for falsely alleging I bark too much
2. Days alone at home. I hate being alone.
3. Regular baths!