Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy 2007!

I know. I've been really slack in updating my blog. I've just been busy celebrating Hanukkah, then I got to celebrate Xmas with my non-Jewish pals and now it's almost the new year. Wow, 5 more months and I'll be TWO years old. In human years I'm just about bar mitzvah! Luckily for me dogs are not allowed in synagogue!

I am proud to report that I helped a friend in Pennsylvania find a new Wire for her household. They lost their beloved Wire Koobus a few weeks ago of old age and were desperate to fill their lives with a new Wire to love. As I say...noone should ever be without a Wire! So tomorrow, this wiry-loving family are travelling to NY State to pick up their new addition who they have named Spencer. I think I'm in love:

I look forward to meeting Spencer in the Summer as they only live 110 miles from Philadelphia!

Despite it getting dark here before 5pm, I am grateful to Dad for always making a grand effort to take me to the dog park so I can see my friends. Their fearless owners also still come to the park eventhough it is mostly very dark with no lighting. Some of my friends have trippy flashing collars but me being mostly white, am easier to find. Pity the owners of black labs! Anyway, so I love it when Dad gets home early from work, or else I'm stuck being walked by Mom who is too afraid to go near the park in the dark - she just shleps me around the neighborhood streets that are well lit under the streetlamps. But it's a solitary walk with no play! So Dad is my hero!

I know I shouldn't complain as I now have my lunchtime walk as well! Elvis and Gia's Mom P walks me every day with either of her kids or another dog she walks, my buddy Austin. I love the break in my monotonous day and am a much happy camper since Mom and Dad decided to pay for this great service!

A man travelling through Florida with his two Wires Toby and Dakota stopped at a gas station and when he came back to his car, both dogs were gone. Stolen or released? Noone knows, but he is desperately looking for them. If you are in the Lake City, Florida area - please click here to find out more.

And, to anyone living in the Park City, Utah area - there is a Giant Shnauzer with the same name as me, AXEL, who is missing. His family really miss him. Please visit for more details.

I will pray all three dogs find their way home SOON.

Anyway, to my two legged and four legged friends - may you all have a healthy, happy and tail wagging new year 2007!


PS You know that Dingo Cane I got for Hanukkah - I finished it in THREE days! I'm a pig!