Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mr. Hospitality - that's MOI!

I sure am a happy chap! And I have a lot to be happy about. My parents dote on me, I have some brilliant dog pals, I get two walks/play sessions a day with my parents outdoors and one with my beloved dogwalker every day. I have a box of toys, eat delish Natural Balance food (well since that horrid recall) and I get treats - well not that often anymore, since I am a bit gezunt (as my Yiddishe grandma - if I had one - would tell me - it means healthily overweight I believe - maybe I should ask Koobuss Shiksa Petrowsky as her middle name is Yiddish. By the way, I helped her create her own blog - click on her name to visit).

Do I not look radiantly happy? Yes, I know, I may also need a haircut!

Tonite Mom's friend Lynne popped over with her friend and her friends pup. A 3 month old spaniel named Toby. Being the friendliest dude on the face of the earth, I welcomed the new visitor:

Some of my four-legged pals might just remark, that I am a bit too welcoming! Toby ran straight to my dinner bowl - I had eaten some but not all of my dinner - and helped herself. Generous boy that I am, I just stood by and let him... he ate it all up...hmm, I might regret this later - but like my great ancestor Abraham - I believe in being hospitable!

After he finished my food, all I could do was smile - little Toby looked very happy and satisfied. That made me pleased:

So as I was saying, yeah, I think it's time for a haircut. Spring is here and it's time to get this thick, curly, partly-matted in some areas coat - off! Did I tell you that Dad also grew more hair over the winter -- Mom calls it a goatee - can't say I've ever met a I can't comment on this new phenomenon. Mom loves it. Dad finds it rather itchy - but he tolerates it to make Mom happy. See, me and Dad are so alike - we aim to please!

Yesterday was my first love Miss Amelia's 9th birthday - so happy birthday darling! Many happy returns of the day! And shout out to Miss Amelia's bro BigFoot Fletch who also shares this special day. Here is Miss Amelia looking most ravishing with her birthday toy:

And good, rather bizarro news -- remember my former toy Mr Balloon man that I ripped to shreds? He is resurrected! Mom came home a few days ago and while she wasn't looking, Mr. Balloon man jumped out and hid in my toy box. I was shocked to find him there - completely whole again, with squeaker in tact. It's a miracle!!! I plan to kill him again though...he's a very obnoxious cretin! Below is proof that he LIVES!