Monday, September 05, 2005

Terrier is top dog (No surprise there!)

An unusual terrier took the top prize two days in a row at the Gold Country Kennel Club dog show at the Nevada County Fairgrounds over the weekend. Stonebroke Right On The Money is a Sealyham terrier. The close-clipped 3-year-old with a long creamy beard is the top terrier and the fourth-ranked dog overall in the country, after winning his 22nd Best of Show award this year on Sunday.

Bravo Stonebroke Right on the Money! (what kind of dumb human would give a top dog a stupid name like that?)
He is quite a gallant looking fella!

I have been glued to my computer screen all morning watching a most delightful puppycam - it shows a wiry mom and her 5 sweet pups - you have to check it out!

Finally, a reminder about how you can help the animals affected by that horrid cow Katrina:

American Humane Association
American Veterinarian Medical Foundation
Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)

Please give generously - my kind have no voice to call out to rescuers or the ability to hang sheets to attract helicopters. We need your help!