Monday, January 16, 2006

Farewell Dear Woody

It was with much sadness that I found an email in my inbox this evening entitled, "Woody's gone over the Rainbow Bridge". Eventhough I never had the privilege of meeting High Steppin' Out of Merrywind (his fancy name), he was my email buddy and Miss Amelia and Bigfoot Fletch's beloved brother, and Alexandra's baby boy.

In October last year vets found a tumor, the size of a lemon, in his chest, pushing against his trachea and esophagus, making it very hard for him to eat or swallow. It is testament to the beautiful natures of many human beings, that Woody's Dad Phillip lovingly spoon fed Woody for the last week's of his life. No doubt Woody felt his human Mom and Dad's love very deeply.

It makes me very happy to know that I was able to bring Woody a tiny little bit of happiness in the last few weeks, when Mom helped me to send him a Christmas gift of a squeaky red dinosaur.

Thank God Woody is free from his pain, and no doubt happily reunited with his family and many friends, running and playing in the sunny fields over the rainbow bridge. He will never be forgotten. Below is a picture of Woody and his dinosaur gift taken a short time ago.

Until we meet again in peace.


Parents Acting Weirdly

I decided to dedicate my day to saying goodbye to my balls. It's a pretty sad day really - I'm going to miss my two little friends - but sometimes one has to undergo a loss of sorts for a higher purpose and what could be more important than preserving my own health? I got the cutest card from my friend Luci in PA - it had many different types of ball images - tennis, soccer, golf -- and she wrote, "I know you won't have your balls after tomorrow, but look at all the other balls you'll have to play with!" Thanks Luci, and hopefully the weather will be fine on Saturday so that we can finally get together to play. What an awfully rainy, windy weekend it was, would have been no fun together.

I'm not allowed any midnight snacks tonight or breakfast tomorrow morning - I still hope I get my morning run with my friends, and then I can sneak some little titbit found in the park. Heh heh.

Talking of park titbits, yesterday Mom and Dad took me to Lemon Hill and I saw this tasty looking thing on the ground, so I put it in my mouth, gave it a chew and down it went. Dad was waving his arms and Mom was positively wretching! They didn't seem to want me to enjoy this particular snack. I heard them call it a condom - don't have clue what that is, but it had a good rubbery taste. Mom and Dad told me I couldn't lick them for at least 24 hours! What could all the fuss be about?

I have a new favorite pasttime - raiding Mom's pocketbooks! When she isn't looking, I make a grab for it from the dining room table, and then I ransack the contents while under the table where she can't reach me. Yesterday I managed to destroy a lipstick and a few pens, and I ate some weird cardboard thing filled with fluffy cotton and string. When Dad saw that he waved his hands in the air like he did in the park. What is with my parents?

Eventhough my Dad has been behaving oddly, I still love him with all my heart. Dad loves to hug me, and he is always willing to supply his thigh for me to rest on while I chomp on my Dingo chew. Mom does too, but Dad's thighs are more comfy than Mom's - her's are too bony! Heh Heh.

So the weather as I mentioned has been AWFUL. Freezing cold, a bit snowy and very windy. So many trees fell over in my park, that there were a zillion new sticks to play with! But the weather in Philly is nothing like it is in Upstate New York. Check out my buddy Pippin playing in the snow with his Mom Pat and sister Maggie:

Last night we all watched the Eukanuba Dog Show on Animal Planet. I found it quite a yawn because it took forever for the terrier group to enter the ring (and I had to miss half of Desperate Housewives!). And when they did, there were so many terriers, I had to strain my eyes to find the Wire and the Smooth. The Wire was a cute little bitch! In the end Rufus the Bull Terrier won the Best Terrier (personally I think he's an ugly mother...oops, I must not curse!). And at the very end of the evening, after much deliberation by a rather clapped-out geriatric looking judge, the Alaskan Malamute ...CH Nanuke's Snoklassic No Boundaries of Lockport, NY - known as Costello, won the championship. As you can see, he looks pretty excited. He's doing a jig! I would do one too to take that honor (and the $50,000!).

I'm not sure if I'll be up to blogging tomorrow - I may be sore and depressed. I'll ask Mom to send you an update instead. So send me good tidings for a speedy recovery - and wish my balls well on their journey to ...well wherever severed balls journey to...