Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kosher Dog (And I don't mean a Nathan's)

Boy life is good! I got so many emails from my fans welcoming me back and also telling me how pretty my grandma is. Thanks everyone!

So I've told you before that I am a Jewish dog - thank G-d I never had to get a bris - and a couple of weeks ago I met my Mom's cousins who live in Havertown. We went for shabbat (sabbath) dinner and to celebrate Dad's 40th birthday. I thought the pictures were pretty cool!

That's Mom, Dad and Me! And a very delish looking chocolate cake!!

Check out my and Dad's matching yarmulkes (skullcap) . I think I need a smaller size though.

And you thought my parents were pretty obsessed with me? Well, remember my pal Colby in Canada who was sent away to a luxury kennel while his parents went on a cruise? His parents missed him so much, they made a pretend towel Colby on their ship to lessen THEIR separation anxiety!

The lesson dear friends is take your pets with on cruises! (Although it must be said that Colby had a brilliant time at his vacation getaway as you can see below - image captured via webcam!)

Meantime, I had to catch up on what my friends have been up to over the last 2 weeks:

Dylan and Libby went swimming - man, I wish I was there beside them!

Tilly went on show which she found to be quite a yawn! I wouldn't want to be on show either, even if I looked as good as she does! I doubt I'd get very far with my crooked tail!

And my pal in NYC, Jeeves, just keeps on grinning!

Speaking of grinning, I hope to hear good news from as the name of the October Dog of the Month should be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who voted...if I lose to that stupid beer drinking chihuahua, I will dig a big hole and lie in it for a week! If you haven't voted, it's not to late, just click to

It's sure gotten chilly here in Philly. Chilly in Philly, haha, I'm a poet. Mom is getting less and less keen to get up at the crack of dawn to take me out for a pee and poop....she grumbles and moans and yawns. I get the point Mom, but until you invent a better option, you'll have to grin and bear it!



babbles said...

Hi There! My name is Heidi. Mommy is always telling me to act like a christian and I've tried to get across to her, that is not the only option. Looks like you have lots of fun. My mommy went on a cruise and put me in a kennel and I lost 20% of my body weight. It's a good thing she got back when she could. She had a towel monkey, among other animals, on her bed at sea.
Tell your mommy to get you a litter pan for winter.
My mommy lived one winter just above Philadelphia in Horsham. She says it gets very cold.
Check out my site to see who will win the battle of the wills.
Psst! Put your money on me.


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