Friday, November 02, 2007

A Plague of Frogs for a Horrid Neighbor

Why does the world seem to be full of nasty neighbors? You'll remember we had a run in with our neighbor last year over my barking - he went to Animal Control and then the COPS (who in our city of Philly clearly have more important things to worry about!)

So you can imagine how distressed I was to read my pal Ricky Pepper's blog tonight to hear that their neighbor slipped a copy of their town's ordinance under their door stipulating that households are only permitted 3 animals. How dare this witch threaten Ricky Peppers lovely family! All the doggies are rescues, two are therapy dogs - they don't bother or harm anyone - and their parents are the loveliest folks you'd ever meet. If I was still living there, I'd have to take action. But for now, since the ordinance says you can have unlimited amount of frogs, I think the doxies should round up as many as they can find and ask them to croak day and night along this bitch's fence! Also strange that the ordinance allows horse, sheep and cows - as long as the sum total of animals is THREE.

I really can't suffer humans who don't work and have nothing to do all day but start up nonsense with their neighbors. Get a life woman and leave these people alone!

I know you are disappointed that I ignored Halloween and did not publish photos of myself in cutesy costumes. I don't like to dress up and I don't like to wear anything on my dogen (vs. person). If you like to dress up, that's great and I don't for a minute mock or begrudge anyone who enjoys it. Take Terry for example - I nearly burst my appendix when I saw his costume! How funny is that! A wirey lobster!

Exciting news is that there is a wee possibility that Mom, Dad and me and our neighbors/friends Vin and Sophie (a sweet 9 year old retriever type) will make the trek up to Massachewsitts to see our pal Gracie and her family! We may go in two weeks but there are many factors to work out, so it's only tentative for now, but it sure is exciting to think about!

Prayers to my friend Jackson in the UK who is undergoing many tests to find out why he is having fits. Poor guy is the bravest wire around and he's been through so much already, but we Wires are a tough bunch and we know Jackson will get through this too.

Happy November!



Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hey Axel...a wire lobster...that's one fine lookin' crustacean....(Mumsie once had a hermit crab named "Crusty"...that's how we know the big word!!! We're gonna head right now to Ricky Pepper's blog and see what's up. Sounds like that Beyotch needs a good bite in the panties. Ur right, Axel...Ricky Pepper's mumsie has a heart the size of Pennsylvania and half of Ohio. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Disgusted Barks,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Axel, thanks for the good wishes. I'm also keeping my paws crossed for Janie.

Sorry to read about Ricky P's trouble with their neighbours. J x

Anonymous said...

No fund raising for Janie. She does NOT have pancreatitis. She ate toys and other objects while in foster care at Elaine's house. She is fine and is in the process of going to a new home. Jabie is no konger with Elaine and is not returning to Elaine's house. Please remove Janie from your blog. Visit Janie's petfinder listing for the offical status of her condition.
Lyn Townsend, Fox Terrier Rescue of Florida.

Anonymous said...

How about a plague of lobsters?
What is the story on Ricky Pepper's neighbors? Do they work nights, or are they ill? Any details that might give a clue why they are having a difficult time with the number of dogs next door?

Lacy said...

woofies Axel!!! nice to meeteded u, saw u on asta Ny and thot me come say woof..heehee dat lobster iz cuties...hmmm let me neighbors complain bout me or my brudder and i get my mama to call and complain bout their hooman pups...

b safe,

pp's me gonna go c ricky pepper too, me not meet them either....

Asta said...

That's the cutest lobstew evew!
I am vewy upset about the stoopid eejit neighbows of Ricky Pepper's what an a**
I hope they can get awound the stoopid owdinance~ is thewe anything I can do??
I'm pwaying fow Jackson and Janie!
I'm weady to go bite someonw!!!
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

What's up with Lyn Townsend..what does she mean remove Janie from your blog..who does she think she is ..what a b#t&h!
sorry but she really sounds horrible
Asta's Mommi ,Ami

Anonymous said...

Asta's Mother, why not contact Lyn directly and ask her about her rescue work? She does not ask for money to care for dogs and that is unusuaL So many dogs in Florida have been given second chances because of her ... I would probably have died two years ago if not for her intervention. And then how lonely my family would be ...

Shadow Saluki said...

Axel! Love your costume! My cousin Cocoa Puff was a lobster, too!

Have you signed up for Holiday Secret Paws yet? You can if you visit Holiday Secret Paws

Your furriend,
Shadow Saluki

Asta said...

Hi Axel
I'm feeling much bettew and will wite about the get togethew latew tonigh on my was a bootiful day,but only thwee of us foxies showed up..can you believe it?
smoochie kisses

Ricky Pepper said...

oh dog that lobster pic is funny. I missed your blog as my mom has been so busy fending off evil neighbors and reconstructing our kitchen. That pic of you in the bonnet is just hilarious! Who is Lyn Townsend and why is she demanding edits to your bloggie?? Mom is scared that people will try to come and take us away (and she mentioned that she would FREAK if they even talked about me going anywhere) that she has decided to appease the wench neighbor (who does not read my blog...heh heh) and give my brother away :(

Ricky Pepper said...

PS - when the kitchen is done (maybe in December?) we would like to invite you over for a visit. Hopefully Mrs. Evil can't have anything to say about dog visitors.

I miss my cuz!

Asta said...

Hi Axel
I suwe would have loved seeing gaggles of foxies, but Smitty couldn't come cause he's not well and as fow the west who knows.
I don't know if you can get the sausage with beef..maybe fwom a kosher hungawian place?? My gwampawents had lots of jewish hungawian fwiends and they ate the same food we did , so they must have had a souwce, but I don't know whewe I'm sowwy!
Polish sausage would pwobably wowk too.good luck1
smoochie kisses

William Tell said...

Love the wiry lobster!

Yes, it's sad that there are neighbors who do not appreciate all the goodness in dogs. I think there's something missing inside them.

William Tell