Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wire Fights Cougar and Wins!

I just got home from an awesome time in the Park with Mom. It was really hot out today, 82F, but there is this very caring French man who comes to the park, and he shlepped with him a bucket and 3 vats of water for us dogs! How considerate is that - especially 'cos Mom always forget to bring some for us. So he poured the water into the bucket, and all the dogs ran up to drink. But me, nah, drinking is for sissies, I stuck my whole head in and then my front paws and I started to dig with the intention of making the bucket bigger so I could swim in it. It didn't work, but I had fun trying and all the humans were laughing and marveling at my aquatic skills!

Speaking of skills, hats of to Eli the Wire in Washington state for saving her Daddy from a Cougar! That's a big ugly ferocious WILD cat! You HAVE to check out the video of Eli's remarkable bravery. Go to and scroll to the bottom news links "Bitten by a Cougar" or try clicking here.

Way to go Eli!


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