Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hero Dog

I was humbled when Mom showed me this amazing video which portrays the amazing character and loyalty of us dogs:

I would like to meet that heroic dog and shake his paw. But he's in Chile and noone was ever able to find him after this incident, though many tried...There are apparently thousands of stray dogs in Chile. Sadly, the injured dog crossed to the Rainbow Bridge despite the valiant efforts of the nameless, heroic stray.

By the way, you have a chance to be a hero too - please click on the image of Zazoo (top right) and vote for him in this contest that could win American Fox Terrier Rescue $10,000! We need your help!



Asta said...

I saw that video Axel and It makes me so vewy sad..It was such a bwave and selfless act, and I just know how hawd theiw life must be.
I aweady voted fow Zazoo, and It said I can only do it once. I suwe hope it wowkds
smoochie kisses

wirefox said...

Hey Axel,

Jess & I voted for Zazoo. Thanks for the heads up!

Your pal,