Monday, August 13, 2007

Fox in Sox (Part II)

So Saturday I went to the vet. I like going to the vet - I run in there! A nice lady vet looked at my pink skin and scabs caused by my biting myself. She was very sympathetic. She walked Mom and Dad through all the options and settled on giving me anti-biotics and a drug called Temaril P which contains predisone and antihistimines. They also checked my poopie, and horrors, found tape worm in the very early stages. Seems the flea who bit me, gave it to me. I could have done without such generosity. And I got two vaccines. I was such a good boy, didn't cry at all. The vet thought I was a marvel. She also weighed me...but I'm not revealing my poundage..suffice to say I am back on diet.

Despite the pills, I am still itchy. Dad took me back to the vet today in the hopes of getting me a cortisone shot (they worked last year but we hoped to avoid it this time 'cos they aren't the healthiest in the long term). But vet said no, it was too dangerous to mix with the Temaril P. So I have shampoo and creams and we are praying the Temaril P kicks in like NOW!

In the meantime, I have been biting my paws so badly tonite, that Mom and Dad decided to revisit the socks. This time Mom cut an old pair of Dad's socks and taped the socks around my paws. I look silly!

At first, I just sat on the couch and wouldn't budge. Then Mom went upstairs and she cannot go unescorted, socks or no socks, so I ran up with her, and then ran up and down the passage like a wild man (in socks). This sucks! I hope they don't expect me to go out on my morning walk sporting these ridiculous apparitions! Anyone know how I can get these off!!! My life will not be worth living if Blanche sees me in these things!! Email me!

On a lighter note - my astute pals Big Foot Fletch and Maxie sent me this link to the most astounding short video. It tells the somewhat bizarre story of a family in South Africa who have a HIPPO named Jessica as a pet!! After you watch this video, Mom says we look rather banal in comparison! I am not quite sure I would like to share my house with a hippo, but the bull terriers in the video, seem happy enough (except the one who gets stepped on. Ouch!)



Asta said...

you suwe awe a vewy bwave boy, behaving so well at the doktuws..i hope your medcine kicks in fast!!!you don't look widiculous though, I wouldn't laugh at you ever!
the wire contwaption was aweady there, we didn't do it,but it was cool, cause there was a little tiwe on the wire tha let you rolla long, with the long wope that was attached..I wish i was a anonomomoly too, but unfowtunately I wun off.
smoochie healing kisses

Jake of Florida said...

Poor Axel,

Socks suck!!! I think I prefer my bonking chapeau. But, I've been trying to scratch by twisting my paw to get it inside the collar -- and if I succeed, I may have to have socks too.

Please tell your Mom that the reason she started reading British mysteries in the first place is because Gussie's Mom mentioned Ruth Rendell, whom our Mom didn't know. Our Mom bought three -- including the republished first one -- and devoured them in three days. (Guess who was deptived of playtime while she sat and read and read and read?)

Bookstore is off limits now until Mom finishes a project she is working on. But you're right, says Mom, those books are amazing.

Jake and Just Harry

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Ok Axel, on p. 8 of this month's Dog Fancy,(I read it, not Scruff..) there is a reader letter for a treatment for "hot spots..." get this: In a spray bottle mix equal parts original Listerine, baby oil and water....shake it well and spray on the hot immediate relief." The lady said it has helped lots of itchy dogs plus her own Dane and was originally developed by a horse trainer...Can use it as much as you could try it; can't seem to hurt and at least your feet won't have bad breath....good luck.....fresh minty lakie kisses....Lacie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

u RUn in2 d vet?!tat's brave of u..

i'm alwiz RUN out instead...

Gus said...

Axel: Tell your mom if she wants directions for temporary boots (like, if it is raining outside) my muzzer had to make some last summer. Dad's socks are way cool, Axel. Better than pink mom socks!

William Tell said...

I hope that Temeril P kicks in and starts working, and gives you some relief soon. Wearing sox is no fun (unless I get to chew on them).

William Tell

Asta said...

Hi Axel
how're you doing with the socs????I hope the meds are wowking..I hate to think you're in such distwess with all the itchies
sleep well little Axel
smoochie kisses

Koobuss said...

Poor Axel,

Things haven't been going too well for you lately. I think you need another vacation.

Actually, those socks don't look too bad. They sort of make you look lika a race horse. They wear those, too.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Your friend Koobie