Thursday, August 16, 2007

Itchies Progress Report

I have some good news tonite. I think we are winning the war on itchies! The war is being waged on many fronts, and today for the first time I have not been feeling itchy, have not been scratching. Only occasionally, I will lick my paw, but just for a short time. So thankfully, no more socks!

First, I guess the pills the vet gave me have finally kicked in. I am on Temaril P which contains antihistamines and cortesone; and an anti-biotic 'cos some of the self infliced bites were infected. I also take Skin Formula 3V capsules:

Mom has also made changes to my food. I used to eat regular Natural Balance kibble for adult dogs - Mom now switched me to the Duck and Sweet Potato flavor which is the so-called Allergy recipe. She also dropped from one cup at night to 1/2 - so it's official, I am on diet! God help me!

Mom also took our esteemed pals, Mackie and Finn's advice, and switched to a healthier, grain free vegetarian snack called Wellness Wellbar. Let me tell you, I usually hate these organic sort of treats - they usually taste like shit (excuse me, but it's true. Well partly, I do like some shit - duck for eg. - and trust me, it doesn't taste as good as THAT!). But I digress. So Mom gave me a wellbar, and I must admit, they are delish! I can taste that crunchy granola, apples, yoghurt, bananas. It's yummy. Mom found it at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck). The 20lb box was $5.99.

Unfortunately, the less healthy treats have been relegated to the closet until further notice. Mom is threatening to just trash them...but I convinced her that a spell on death row was only fair pending total elimination.

As I explained, I haven't been biting my paws too much - but Mom was in Petco today to get my Natural Balance food, when she spotted something on sale. She stood a while pondering whether to purchase the item or not. She knew I would bite her if she ever tried to use this item on me...but she still bought it! She tried to explain that she would have got a more manly color had there been any alternative and that she was just thinking of my best interests should my paws flair up again, especially while they were in Africa...

Can you believe this? Pink booties!!! If ever there was an incentive NOT to bite my paws, this is IT! I would rather smooch with Blanche the Cat then don those things!

So all in all, if we ignore the booties, I am feeling better. The only negatives really are that my meds make me ravenous and tired. And it doesn't help that Mom has cut down on my meals, deprived me of table scraps and decreased my treat intake. When I am feeling especially desperate, I stand over my empty food bowl and cry. This is usually after midnight when Dad is up and Mom is not. Dad is usually sympathetic and gives me some kibble. When I stare at Mom for more food, she offers me green beans from a can or carrots!! The woman has lost her head!

Here I am snoozing on the's very hot, the meds make me I have been sleeping a lot more than usual...Now that the folks are tapering down on the Temaril, hopefully I'll get my energy back.



Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh poor thing....

if i were ur neighbour...i would hd request ur owner to gv all those 'unhealthy treats' to me...hahha

but is great 2 hear that u itch had been conquer

Smitty said...

Hey Axel,

Pink booties?! What was your mom thinkin'?

Your pal Smitty

Gus said...

Axel: We love your mom, but really! PINK booties!!!!! worse by far than my yellow wellies! Also, tell mom that the green beans gotta be FROZEN ones, preferably from TJoes or Whole Foods, the long skinny ones with the french name. Then, you can thaw them, like Butchy Snickers mom does, or you can just have them frozen, and they taste like little green popsicle. Yummy


Wired for Mackie said...

I say you revolt and eat the booties!! heheheh!
Sorry you are still itchy, I am too. This hot weather is not suitable for a WFT!


Ps. ..those treats sur m yummy, aren't they?!!

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Axel...sweet potatoes and duck, diet, pink paw coverings?? REVOLT, man! I mean I know the itchies are bad, but this is harsh, Pal. I think your mom needs to buy you a new balloon man to make you feel better. We'd give you ours, but er...the string sorta came off. Hang in there, Axel, maybe she'll forget the diet when the novelty wears off. Scruff and Lac!

Jackson said...

Love the booties! Hehehehe! I'm hoping that your itchies get better and that you don't have to wear them (but maybe you could just try them on and get your mum to take a photos!) J x

Asta said...

What good news!! I can't see you in the pink booties..I think you should donate them to a wowthy giwl who might like Ruby or someone,heheh
But with all thiese changes you won't have to wear them , thank dogness..hope you get youwiry energy back you
smoochie kisses

Bogart said...

Aw Axel...

Sorry to hear about the itchies, they can be a PAIN, but come on man, PINK BOOTIES???

The food DOES look good, tho.


Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Oh Poor Axel,

Sorry to hear you have the itchies. Dad caught me chewing my front paw this morning and I got scolded. Dad almost fell out of the chair when you described the organic treats. Pink booties would look fine on a girl. If you have to wear them I would revolt. Does your Mom leave her shoes around the house???


Koobuss said...

Hey Poor Axel,

How can they do that to you? Put you on a diet when you are sick and on so much medication!! That is terrible, my friend. Then to top it off, they bought you pink booties and health food snacks. Oh, Axel. You are not having any fun at all!! And I think I had greviances! Sheesh!!!!

On the bright side, at least your itch is better.

Hang in there, bud!! Good luck!

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

LANCELOT said...

I disagree with everyone Axel - I think pink is very fashionable for a guy to wear nowadays :) In fact, my daddy wears pink sometimes, hehe. So cheer up! Pinks not so bad. You're just ahead of the other puppies in following the latest trends :-P

I do feel bad about your diet and itchies though. At least you said the health food didn't taste too horrible.

Oh, and I can't believe you'd even joke about smooching that horrible Blanche, eyuck! My mommy was laughing so hard when she read that!

Welp, I do hope things start looking up for you soon pal! Get over those itchies!


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Axel, can I borrow the pink booties for a couple of days? I have an event to go to! Lacie

Anonymous said...

Strange, same thing is happening to Kramer again too. Last August he had terrible itchies into October then they cleared up. Now that its August again they are back. He is on a more hollistic food too white fish and sweet potatoe from Wellness. We use an oatmeal shampoo on him that we got from the vet. We found the Benadryl did very little if nothing to help. We are pulling out the Vanectal P from last year. Hopefully the itchies go away soon.