Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Farewell Dad

My Dad passed away yesterday morning - we were all with him and it was peaceful.



Faya said...

It is a sad day. Que son repos soit aussi doux que la joie qu'il a donné autour de lui.
Kisses, Faya

Jake of Florida said...


We're glad you were with him and are sending you our love and condolences to your family.

Jake, Just Harry, and Joan

Gus said...

Dani: we are glad you were able to stay with your family through your Dad's illness. We send you all our prayers and good thoughts.

Gussie, Teka and the hoomans

Asta said...

We send you our deepest sympathies and love. I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad that you were all there at the end
Ami,George and Asta

The Airechicks said...


Please let your Mom know that we hold her & your family tight in our prayers.

Special Angels hurt to let go of them.


TwoSpecialWires said...


We're so sad to read of your loss. We send our love and sympathy, knowing what is important now is having family, friends and time to support you. We are glad you were able to be there with your father. Take care of yourself. And remember.

Sally, Nina-Girl, Jake and Fergi

Lucia said...


We are so very sorry for your loss. Please know that we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Lucia and her girl

Unknown said...

Dear Dani -- It is very hard to lose womeone whith whome you have shared so much. You had a special love you shared with your father and it will always remain in your heart. Remember the good times and be grateful. Sending my condolences, love, and prayers.

Wired for Mackie said...

So sorry, Dani. May he rest in peace. So glad that God had you stay to be with him.

Wired for Mackie said...

So sorry, Dani. May he rest in peace. So glad that God had you stay to be with him.

William Tell said...

Dani, we are so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, but we're glad you were able to spend those last days with your him and your family in South Africa. Please know we care.

William Tell, Cap and Glynn
& Family

Eric said...

Dani, Sending you our love and condolences.We are glad you were with your Father and with all your family. We are thinking of you. Take good care.

Eric and B xx

Agatha and Archie said...

I am glad you were able to be with him Dani. Sending love and strength and condolences to you and to your family Diana and A+A

Princess Patches said...

We are sooooo very sorry. This has brought back some memories for our mom. Four years ago, her mom died and she bought a one way plane ticket to be with her 3 weeks before she died. Even though it was one of the hardest times in her life, it meant the world to her to be there until the end. We hope your heart heals quickly!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Anonymous said...

Dani, these words brought us some comfort when our Dad passed away. Perhaps you too. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

And if I go, while you are still here...
Know that I still live on,
Vibrating to a different measure,
Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through.
You will not see me, so you must have faith.
I will wait there for the time when we can soar together again.
Until then, live your life to the fullest.
And when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart,

I will be there.

Take good care,
B and C-pup

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Dani...we're so very sorry...we wish we could be there to give you a big hug....

Please know that we're thinking of you so much...we're glad you were able to be there...

Love you...

Marilyn, Scruffy, Stan and Lac

Amber-Mae said...

Axel & Dani, I am so so sorry to hear this. My thoughts & prayers are with you. Please take care & stay strong.

Solid Gold Momma