Thursday, February 05, 2009

We're ALL on the mend

Well the good news is that Mom is doing MUCH better, she is almost back to work full-time now - just coughing still and a bit weaker than she was, but definitely eons better every day. She has taken to smiling a lot and appreciating every little thing every day. Guess it takes getting sick to do that to one.

She might also be losing her marbles a bit. Yesterday we had a big snowstorm here in Philly - we got about 5 inches of snow! But upon arriving home from work, what did you think Mom did? I'll give you a pictorial clue:

Yes, she decided to BBQ steaks on the grill outside surrounded by the snow. These South Africans will stop at nothing to BRAAI (the SA equivalent of BBQ - pronounced to rhyme with CRY) And note to Grandma in SA - yes, Mommy is not wearing a coat, hat or gloves while she cooks. She is very silly indeed. LOL. But in her defense, she was in and out very fast and the fire from the grill was toasty! So we ALL had delish steak and mash potatoes for dinner and I got to chew the bones and get some flesh. Yummy.

You will also be happy to know that my hotspots are getting better. This is what it looked like about 5 days ago after the vet cleaned it up (for $282!!) [warning: photo may make you barf]:
This is how it looks today:
So it is much better. I am still licking a bit but so far have been spared the dreaded collar which Mom says she is going to return to Petco and get her $35 back!
Now if only Dad felt better - he is going through a box of Puffs tissues every 5 hours - I can't believe how much snot one guy can have! Heh heh.

Not much else to report folks. Hope everyone is doing swell.



Gus said...

Axel...that is one expensive HOT SPOT man! Glad it is healing up without the collar. And we hope your mom continues to improve and your dad gets well real quick


William Tell said...

Your Mom sure is a trooper to brave the snow and cook outside. It always seems to taste better when grilled outside, too, so I'm guessing it was worth the chill. Mmmmmm!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Asta said...

I'm sooo happy to see youw Mom up and about and having a gweat BBQ, I don't think she's daft at all..that must have been a gweat dinnew..We would do the same if we had outdoow space!
I hope youw Dad gets a discount on all those tissoes..Mommi has a stoopid cold too, but she says that's nowmal fow the season
I think youw hot spot looks vewy much betteweew!Yeah!!!!!
I'm sending mowe soothin smoochies fow the site

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, that's one very horrible hot spot. Good to know it's going off. Chloe often gets those too coz the weather in mah country is really hot. Did you just say BBQ? Mmm, I love BBQ.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jackson said...

Hey Ax, glad to hear you and your Mum are feeling better. Hope your dad is on the mend too. J x

Sally said...

Snow BBQs, well being Canadian that's nothing. It's still snowing this morning the graders are plowing one street over.
Rufus had a spot two weeks ago, $140 plus he was on steriods for 10 marvelous days. He STOLE my food every meal, lapped up all the water and was flying around like he was on roids... What a fool. I'm sure you aren't like that.
Big Hug

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