Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Fave Day of the Year

I love Thanksgiving! I inevitably amass a large amount of yummy turkey, and tonite was no different.

Here I am posing with the parents and our nieces and nephews - aren't they cute kids. We love to chase eachother - I adore them and they adore me. Foxies not good with little kids? Bah humbug, I'm brilliant with little kids. Dad took a video, that will go up soon...

There was a GREAT BIG turkey. I watched uncle Craig carve it up, my mouth was drooling and I was praying it would slide off the counter and on to the floor. I spoke to Jake, the resident dog, and we had a plan for making off with the whole bird. Unfortunately, it didn't happen...

At first I was forced to sit under the dining room table and pop my head up near Mom and Dad to ask for turkey (got plenty) but after a while, they let me sit at the table, where I really should have been assigned my own seat from the beginning!

After all the turkey, the dessert was laid out...oh boy, cherry pie, choc/marshmellow pie (Mom made it), pumpkin pie, cheese cake, banana cake...I thought I would have a heart attack...

Mom and Dad tried to distract me by offering me a fake rubber lizard instead. What kind of an idiot do they take me for??? Any terrier worth his salt can tell the difference between a cherry pie and a toy reptile!

So I didn't get any dessert - for that I am NOT thankful - Dad convinced me to chill with him on the couch. The minute we sat down, that triptofin stuff kicked in and we were in SnoozeWorld in seconds...

Other than the deprivation of dessert, it was a lovely thanksgiving! Hope you all had a good one too.



Gus said...

What cute kids..we anxiously await the video. And we didn't get dessert either, excpet a pumpkin flavored dog cookie. Yuch. Muzzer should stick to turkey and let dad do the baking.


Eric said...

Hey Axel, those kids are such cuties, the girls ones are 'dorable! Of course you are great with them. Can't wait for the video.

I'm wagging you and the leggededs had such a good day. You needed your own seat at the table Axel for sure.With a huge plate. What were they thinking? All that food looks scrumptious but I'm sad you didn't get the cherry pie or nana cake.

Happy Thanksgiving Axel and your leggededs!!

Huge wiry wags, Eric x x x

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

HI Axel,
Glad you had a pawsome turkey day!

Your nieces and nephew are cute! Maybe you should smooz up to them to get you some dessert.Maybe next year you'll get some dessert!
With wagging tail,

Jake of Florida said...

Hey, we looked at your Thanksgiving table too -- so look whose talking about feeding an army of 300!!!

(We do still have leftovers in the fridge!!!)


Jake and Just Harru

Sally said...

Will you be my pal Axel? Rufus has four girlfriend in this big city and I can't find one single fox terrier. I'm getting a might unhappy.
But we did get a chicken sandwich off the counter on Friday. Rufus' size comes in pawsome for the tall stuff. Mom laughed, Dad cried.
Sal your Pal

Lenny said...

A LIZARD? Oh, please. They should know you better than that. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Your friend, Lenny