Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow and Pizza

Well the snow arrived as promised but with it came sleet and rain and wind. And it wasn't enough to keep Mom from work - but she did get to go in late and come home early. It was so horrible out this morning - 3 inches of snow, lots of icy and cold rain, that I pooped right outside the house (as poor neighbor George was shovelling our sidewalk) and dragged Dad back inside (he was not upset!).

Here is me taking a leak in our back yard. The snow is so icy that my paws barely left any imprints. Man it's no fun balancing on 3 legs on ice taking a pee!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS! Especially the delightful Miss Amelia and wee Miss Koobuss. Mom and Dad exchanged chocolate gifts which pissed me off because I can't eat chocolate and I never got a thing (well I did eat a dingo, a pigsear and lots of Milkbones today). And instead of a romantic dinner out - they stayed in and ordered PIZZA. I got to share in that little feast...

Last night we watched the Westminister Dog Show and it was quite a snore. The winning terrier was called Harry and he was a Dandie Diamont Terrier. If you ask me he looked like a freakish daschund with a poof on his head, although he did look like he had oodles of personality and as they say, "personality can go a long way." {Source: Pulp Fiction} The winning dog was an English Springer Spaniel named James and he was rather breathtaking. I was just relieved neither of the poodles won - another ridiculous looking breed if you ask me - with pom poms on their bum! And they were male dogs! I don't know how they go around in public, I would rather die! It's a good thing I've never seen one groomed like that in the flesh, I would feel compelled to remove those pom-poms!

I forgot to tell you that I have a new passion for taking hot baths with Mom! I always accompany Mom in the bathroom when she bathes, but last week I decided instead of just snoozing on the bathmat, it might be nice to join Mom. So there she was, reading her book, when she got the surprise of her life - I jumped in! She let out a scream of shock and jumped out the bath - I suppose because she didn't want to share the warm water with a rather dirty dog. I just stood in the warm water, had a drink (tasted funny cos it had oil in it) and waded about. Mom was laughing her head off and thought well, while Ax is in the bath, I might as well shampoo him. So she did, and I didn't mind. I was enjoying the warm water. When she was done, I jumped out and ran up and down the passage like a loony. Mom towel dried me and then I dived onto Mom and Dad's bed and mom blowdried me. I love that machine. I was almost dry when I thought, wouldn't it be fun to have another swim, so I jumped off the bed and back into the tub! Mom screamed and Dad came running! Dad wasn't so amused, but Mom was. I dived out again and ran up and down and back on the damp bed -- and then....uh oh...I peed! Drinking warm water does that to me...Mom knew but there was no time to let me out...she was about to when I jumped back in the tub!

So tonite, when Mom was in the bath, I snuck in and tried to join her again. Dad would have none of it...after snapping these pictures - I was forcibly removed from the bathroom. Humpff!



Gus said...

Hey Axel...we had pizza tonight too. Me and Teka hardly ever get more than the crust though, cause tomatoes upset my tum.

Happy valentines day to you and your mom and dad. Hope it warms up soon.


Daniella said...

I eat anything - Mom had a Greek pizza and I ate black olives and spinach!! heh heh


Linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Axel!! Pizza sounds yummy. We got to have a piece of waffle tonight. But we also love pizza crust!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Bogart H. Devil said...

Hi Axel - Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

If you've got the pizza, I've got the burgers, LETS PARTY!!!


Banba said...

Hu Axel Sweetie,
Sorry I didn't write on Valentine's, but I was playing hard while Mom shovelled--I'm soooo much help!
Anytime you want ot take a nice warm bubbly bath buddy, I'm right there with you (waiting away from the water with a nice cuddly towel for you!)

Just wanted to let you know...I'm back!

Licks, Banba

Dean-O! said...

Now Ax, singalong with me...

’splish-splash, we were taking a bath...’

They’ll be laughing so hard, they won’t even care that you got the Axel-share of the pizza!

Wired for Mackie said...

I've jumped in the bath with my mom too and low and behold I end up getting a good shampooing too. What's up with that? Don't they realize we are only in it for the fun?? Now mom locks me out of the bathroom. Geez!