Friday, February 16, 2007

Dogs on Ice (and a horror story)

Wow, the soft white stuff has turned hard and really cold. Today I went to the park and I wish I would have been wearing two pairs of ice skates - it was so cold and slippery! I met up with my buddy Bruno who is a bulldog. We get along so-so - I like latching on to his floppy face and he is obsessed with nipping my ankles. At first it was just the two of us with his dad and my mom and we were having fun, but then he bit my ankle a bit too hard, I screamed and launched a retaliation attack. Because it was so slippery, Mom couldn't get a grip on me, and finally grabbed me and just sat down on the ice. Poor Mom, she had a wet butt! This is my favorite photo of me and Bruno - it looks like we are gay lovers! Heh heh.

Here are some more of us playing just before it got nasty!

Later one of my favorite playmates, Maggie (not sure breed - but she must have some greyhound in her) arrived with her brother Tommy - a daschund. Maggie is the fastest runner you ever met and I love to chase her becos I can NEVER catch her. Put poor Magster...she couldn't run very well on the ice and kept sliding about on her butt, so we just hung out by the bench. Poor Mags, the second photo is not very ladylike, is it? She has a cute bum.

Anyway, we were all shivering after half an hour, so Dad came by in his truck and took us home!
Here in Phila, we only got 3 inches of snow and now it's all ice; but where my friend Pippin lives, Upstate New York, they got LOTS of snow. Here are two shots of Pip - I wonder what he was digging for - frozen rodents? And look at his face!!

And now, a detour from the snow - I present to you, a picture from the annals of WFT horror! This innocent young Wire Fox Terrier pictured below was subjected to the most hideous of grooming abuses -- a poodle haircut!! I joke not loyal readers. It is truly an affront to the Wire heritage and breed. It seems the groomer was asked to shave down the Wire, but before doing so, she decided to have a lark and cut him like a poodle. Brother and Sister Wires, if this fate (worse than death I'm sure you will agree) ever befalls you -- you MUST resist. Bite, fart, throw up - do whatever it takes to avoid such humiliation! Do not succumb! Poodle haircuts be damned!

Finally, big shout out to my good pal Gussie in Arizona -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!



Pippin in NY said...

I was trying to dig my way down to Singapore to see my friend Fever. I thought if I dug deep enough, I would end up on the other side of the world where it is WARM!

Dean-O! said...

Thanks for the groom warning Ax. There is a strange box lurking inside our door & I have found out that in it is a grooming arm with a NOOSE!

Looks like trouble for me...just hoping that it stays really, really cold here becuz I suspect that as soon as it warms up, I will be the next grooming victim...

Agatha and Archie said...

AXEL!! We are in a state of shock about that grooming picture!! Something must be done!(but what is the question)We too are in a state of ice.WE WANT SPRING!!!Love,Agatha and Archie

Gus said...

Axel Buddy: Thanks for the B-day wishes. I think it is terrible what happened to that wirey dog! Even more humiliating than being nekkid!

Jackson said...

Hey Axel, I'm going to link to your blog from mine, hope you don't mind! Be back to chat soon... J x

Bogart said...

A poodle haircut on a terrier is just WRONG. A human falling on her butt is just FUNNY.


Schniblet said...

I love how curly and fluffy you are! You look so well-insulated!

Sophie Brador said...

That is a horror. But the pics of you and your pals in the park are great. I like Bruno. Maybe you need to wear some ankle protectors when you play with him.