Monday, October 30, 2006

Video Premiere

Mom and Dad have a very antiquated video camera - it's not digital or anything. Tonite they were fooling around and managed to capture me on tape! The camera is so big and scary-looking that it freaked me out...and naturally, when I'm spooked, I ...bark!

As if I need added encouragement to bark with all the neighbor stuff going on. For the record, this barking episode lasted under a minute, well within the barking ordinance laws for Philadelphia! You never know who could be reading this (award winning) blog!

Click on my gorgeous mug above to start the movie.
(It is quite a large file, so depending on your connection, it may take some time to download)



Gus said...

Axel Buddy: I am trying to figure out why your nasty neighbor doesn't run screaming from the city! That is one powerful bark you've got there. Me and Teka and Travis were playing in the back yard when muzzer started playing this, and we came running in to see who had come to visit! We mader her play it one more time, and then once again. Now she is mad 'cause there are nose prints on the laptop. Sheesh. A little dog slobber never hurt anything.

your pal
gussie the rug!

Dean-O! said...

I can hear your voice, but I can’t find you!!!
Your pal,

Anonymous said...

Axel, It is so wonderful to see you in your full animated shelf. We love it! And you can bark anytime you what you are wonderful!

Angel and Gabriel in South Carolina

mynameisboo said...

hey axel, you were shocked by the "thang" that your hooman pointing you! same like me, i don't like my hooman pointing some "foreign object" at me too!

happy halloween!

wet wet licks


Bogie said...

You video got me baking pretty loud, too. I always want to run around behind the computer to see where the dog is when Mom plays these things on youtube.

Dean-O! said...

Having watched you again, I can see that you are just doing your job & protecting the premises from unknown & dangerous intruders. Hey, Axel, check out who is behind the camera!

Anyway, I hear that your parents may be scanning the real estate listings for ’large fenced yard with attached accomodation’. HEHE!!!

Anonymous said...

You like just like I do when mom uses the vacuum cleaner (hey, is it an alien or something?). But, I don't bark. I just go and hide in the other room...

Duffy said...

Axel: Yes! I arrived just in time to hear your fierce barks at the one-eyed whirring machine; I barked for you, my brother.

These people. They have no idea how much we must protect them from themselves. It is hard work. But...we do love them, don't we?

I hope you had a good Day of the Turkey.

Your brother in barks,
Duffy (the Cairn Terrier)