Sunday, October 29, 2006


Life continues to decline. Yesterday Mom and Dad went to a bat mitzvah for most of the day and they put me in my crate. When they came home they found me cowering in the corner, shaking and shivering, and all my bedding and the crate tray pushed out the crate. It is hard for me, Axel G Chocholoza, to admit all this to you. I know you all think I'm a very dapper, brave terrier, but being confined in my crate terrifies me. I am used to having the run of my house, not being shut up in a cage. I was not trying to con Mom and Dad, I am truly petrified of being alone in my crate. Below is a picture taken just after I was released from my crate after 6 hours. I managed to push the board and mattress out in my distress...

Anyway, it is too upsetting to talk about it. One nice thing to happen last week was I had a really good haircut. Melissa just graduated grooming school and needed to test her stripping skills. We thought she did a pretty good job! In picture one I am posing; picture two, Dad and I are eating snacks in bed!

Also, today Mom and I went to visit some friends of hers, Evey and Larry. They had an awesome yard which I played in and lots of interesting things to sniff, including 3 cats. Mom has some weird notion that I may be spending a week at their house when her and dad go to Jamaica - ha, that's what she thinks! I ain't missing out on Jamaica. After all, with all this crating and neighbor stress, I truly need a vacation!



Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Oh Axel,

we're here for you, doog!

I've only ever been in a crate when on a plane and yeah, that ain't so nice. I can hardly imagine your awful experience in that thing all day.

Oh. My. Dog.

Hang in there, handsome fellow.

Jamaica sounds mighty fine.

Bark if you need more support.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

PS Love the pic of you on the bed with your eyes almost closed. Meditating? Good way of chasing the horrors away.

Niko said...

Hey Axel!

My name is Niko and I am a Welsh Terrier. Just wondering if you know of another "hand stripper" I can go to. I live in Berks County but my mom is desperate and will drive me just about anywhere.


mynameisboo said...

hey axel, mom recently cut my hair by herself too. she complaint that the groomer i visited the last time didn't do a good job so she bought a shaver and try her hand on me! boy, i must say i'm terrified and mama didn't do a good job on me.

btw, i don't like being in a crate too. mom has stopped putting me into a crate. i used to stay in the play pen whenever my parents go to bed or out but because i'm such a good boy for not destroying anything, they let me loose now! :-)

wet wet licks


Gus said...

Axel: Muzzer says you can come to Azrizona when your folks go to Jamaica! She says she wouldn't even notice one more dog around here, and we aren't replacing the carpet until Teka leaves anyway.

I didn't like the crate either/neither/no way! I hope your mom can find a better way for you to be happy during the day.

thinking good thoughts and meditating on a solution,
wirey hugs from

Wiry Axel said...

Thanks friends, I appreciate your support. I saw mother taking hte puppy gate upstairs and I think she has a new idea up her sleeve. Poor Mom, she is so confused and stressed - some people are telling her to continue to push crating (using the eg. of a child afraid of the dark etc) and others say it will cause me damage and to find other solutions. Poor Mom doesn't know what to do.

Anyway, about the grooming...Niko, tell your mom to email my mom at editordan2002 at yahoo and she'll try to recommend some strippers...


Wiry Axel said...

PS I would love to come to ARizona Gussie! But would I have to fly in a (gulp) crate??? EEK

Smitty said...

Hey Axel,

Just wanted to give you my support (and my sister Jessie's too!) By the way - that photo of you and your dad - it looks like you're wearing the lampshade on your head! Party on!

Your pal Smitty

fee said...

axel, please press on! you will triumph over the small mean man! he is a yuk.

loves and hugs,

Turbo said...

Hi Axel,

I am sorry to hear about your crate experiences. My mother has given up on trying to make me like my crate, we both know I am much happier when I can look out the window and keep track of what is going on around my home. I am an execellent watch dog if I do say so myself, so that is my job during the day when mom and dad are away. Luckily my mom works only part time so I get a lot of exercise. Tell your mom that she deserves a lot of credit for trying to condition you and train you to stay in a crate to keep you safe. She is just trying to keep you from making trouble and we both know that fox terriers are the kings of trouble making! Best wishes and I wanted to say that I am quite impressed with your writting skills, my parents didn't send me to that class, only obedience I and II, which I barely passed!