Friday, May 05, 2006

Quiet Day in the Park

Wow, it was really hot yesterday so the turn out of my dog pals was lower than usual and those that did show up, prefered to laze in the shade than run with me in the sun. Anyway, as promised, I did take my camera along so you could see me with some of my pals.

This is a pic of me and Larry. Larry is one weird dude dog, he has the weirdest haircut and for some reason he sort of picks on me, likes to challenge and bark at me. But I'm tough, I can handle him:

My friends and I like going up to the humans to beg for water or treats. Nearly all of them carry treats in their pockets in case they have a hard time getting us to come to them in order to take us we know how to work these follow them about a bit and inevitably they break down and give you a treat to get rid of you. Heh heh.

My fave thing to do is to roll in the tall, damp grass as you can see here. Check out the little sheepdog pup - he looks like my pal Mackie's irritating brother doesn't he? I wish they'd let him off the leash so I could really play with him...but some humans are scaredy cats:

And finally here I am with Max the daschund and Brody the baby Cairn terrier. Brody is also kept on leash cos he's just a little guy - but we still manage to play well - he's a feisty little thing:

Today is Friday which means it's Yappy Hour in the park from 5-7PM and the French man brings cheese that he makes, and there are usually potato chips and beer too - it's a really fun time for us dogs and our humans too. I'll try to remember to take my camera AGAIN.


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Wired for Mackie said...

That dog does look like my bother Ollie! Are you sure it isnt a baby Beardie, not a sheepdog? Either way, you should be thankful they haven;t let hom off hte leash. Before long, he will ruin everyone's fun! Too many dogs going in too many directions for one Beardie. They are simply control freaks. Get a grip dear Beardies!

Your pal, Mackie